The Yellow River Scenic Area

The Yellow River scenic area is a state-level scenic spots, national AAAA class tourist area, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, Zhengzhou Yellow River National Geological Park, located in the northwest of Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, 20 kilometers on the Bank of the Yellow River, South in accordance with lofty Yue Shan, bounded by the yellow River surging. Powerful magnificent scenery of the river, has a long history of the Yellow River culture, here is the Yellow River to the start point of "hanging river", at the end of the Loess Plateau, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River's branch line, a series of unique geographical features formed broad, grand, magnificent and beautiful natural landscape. She is at the core of the birthplace of the Chinese nation, rich historical and cultural heritage, rich cultural heritage. After forty years of development and construction, has formed the financial tourism, leisure, science education, ancestral roots, promote Chinese civilization is one of the major scenic spots, a rare domestic tourism resort, is the soul of the Chinese nation, the Yellow River Tour dragon head area.

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