“One-cent Bus Ticket” Is Beckoning to You

On September 18, the reporter learned from Zheng Zhou Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. (ZZB) that ZZB and Alipay would jointly provide the “One-cent Bus Ticket” special offers from the day onwards.

From September 18 to October 8, Zhengzhou citizens can log in Alipay to search “Zhengzhou Green Travel”, and then click [Claim Immediately] to get five bus vouchers, with the maximum discount of 0.99 yuan. At most two can be used on one day. And one voucher can be automatically used when you pay a bus ticket by scanning your Alipay.

Meanwhile, if you scan your Alipay to take a bus, you can collect green energy of 80 g each time, equivalent to 80 g of carbon emissions reduction. By taking green actions, we can together reduce the burden on the earth.

In addition, during the Bus Travel Promotion Week, ZZB will launch a variety of interactive activities. Citizens can visit the WeChat Official Account and Sina Weibo account of ZZB to for more details.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration