Henan Provincial Highway 312: the Most Beautiful Road along the Yellow River

In the north of the main urban area of Zhengzhou,

There is a 30 km “most beautiful road along the Yellow River”.

The road stretches into the distance under the blue sky and white clouds.

Chinese rose, sunflower, verbena, zinnia

and other flowers are in blossom.

This is Henan Provincial Highway 312, an ecological corridor.

You can have a wonderful view throughout.

This road

starts from the new G107 to Huaxia Avenue connection in the east,

ends at Jiangshan Road in the west.

It stretches 31.119 km.

The road runs from east to west.

It is the closest expressway to the Yellow River embankment

and a beautiful corridor.

On this road,

You will definitely be amazed.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration