The Garden Expo Park Presented Folk Culture Activities

As the Spring Festival approaches, New Year Lantern Fair and New Year Cultural Festival of Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park, Temple Fair of Shuanghe Lake Central Park have been ready to offer amazing folk culture activities at the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

As of yesterday afternoon, all lamp sets, lanterns and strip lights used for the New Year Lantern Fair were all set. Themed on “Chinese Dream and the Love for Garden Expo Culture”, the fair integrated the atmosphere of traditional festivals with lantern culture of Garden Expo, fully reflecting the wonderful Chinese traditional culture and new look Zhengzhou takes in the new era. The Lantern Fair has 16 large lamp sets, 15 middle ones, 8 small ones, and another 12 sets for decoration. The various types of lights are in line with the atmosphere and provided a visual feast. There are three main sections in the fair, with the “New Spirit in New Era” section comprising “The Mission of the Times”, “Prosperous China”, “Splendid Zhengzhou”, and “Chinese Dream, Airport Dream”, rich and colorful children section including “Happy Year of Dog”, “Fairytale Carriage” and “Panda Park” and high-tech lantern art section composing of “Gleamy Swing” and “Brilliant Light Ball”.

Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park has 94 brilliant city exhibition gardens where various New Year cultural programs are rehearsing, for example, Urumqi Garden prepares the exotic song and dance of Uygur ethnic group, Qufu Garden brings back the traditional Chinese etiquette, Chongqing Garden stages the Changing Faces of Sichuan Opera and Suzhou Garden presents the performance of “Qinghuai Scenery”.

Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park also made full preparations in services and supporting facilities. The park provided a variety of convenience facilities such as food specialties, snack bars, and electric vehicles. The Jianguo Restaurant offers quality food and accommodation service. It has sufficient parking spaces outside the garden with intellectualized parking services. During the Spring Festival holiday, outstanding interpreters will hold their positions to provide thoughtful guiding services for visitors.

The robot performance in Children Garden will also be launched During the Spring Festival. Moreover, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and folk cultural and art dragon-dancing show will also be held in lunar January 14th.

Yesterday, Temple Fair at Shuanghe Lake Central Park was bustling with various activities, including dragon and lion dance, bamboo horse and land boating dance, Liyuanchuan Opera, circus performance, children’s park, local special snacks, folk handicrafts, etc. “The Temple Fair not only feels familiar, but also a bit high-end. It brought back the feeling of being a kid!” said a visitor.

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