Three Newly-added 4A National Scenic Areas in Zhengzhou

Recently, according to the formal approval by Henan Provincial Tourism Scenic Area Quality Rating Committee, 14 scenic areas were rated as 4A national scenic areas, three of which are located in Zhengzhou. They are Red Stone Forest in Xinmi, Cherry Valley in Erqi District, and Yellow River Landscape Ecological World.

Another 11 newly-added 4A national scenic areas include Tianhe Grand Canyon in Luoyang, Qingyao Mountain Scenic Area in Luoyang, Ercheng Cultural Park in Yichuan County, Pushangyuan Scenic Area in Puyang, Shan Zhou Silo-Cave Scenic Area in Sanmenxia, Flower Park Scenic Area in West Henan, Ecological Leisure Colorful Tourism Area in Xuchang, Riyue Lake Scenic Area in Shangqiu, Dasu Mountain National Forest Park in Xinyang, Maoer Peak Tourism Area in Jingangtai Scenic Area, and Linglong Lake Ecological Tourism Area.

Take a look at the three scenic areas in Zhengzhou and decide where to go on weekends.

Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley Scenic Area is located in Erqi District, Zhengzhou, Henan, near Xinmi and Xinzheng to the south, about 10 kilometers from the downtown. Zheng-Yao Expressway, Zheng-Shao Expressway, Zhengzhou Ring Expressway, and Zheng-Deng Expressway pass through the area, and it is 18 kilometers away from Zhengzhou Railway Station and 18.6 kilometers from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. With beautiful environment and fresh air, the scenic area is away from the noisy city and surrounded by mountains, known as “Hometown of Cherry in Central Plains, and Paradise for Creative Hiking”. Every March, it will be an ocean of cherry blossoming among the fragrance of flowers spreading far and wide, earning the title of “Urban Ecological Back Garden in Zhengzhou”.


Get off at the Cherry Valley Station through Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Zheng-Yao Expressway, Zheng-Shao-Luo Expressway, or Zhengzhou Ring Expressway, and go along Fengqi Road to the scenic area along Zheng-Deng Expressway toward Zhengzhou.

Route in the Urban Area

Go along Fengqi Road to the scenic area from the urban area along Zheng-Deng Expressway.

Public Transportation

Take No. 4 Bus in the urban area to the terminal—Houzhai Township, and transfer to No. 187 Bus

No. 187 Bus (Houzhai Township—Liujiagou Village) Houzhai Township—Caowa Community—Xihudong Village—Daluxi Village—Cherry Valley Scenic Area

Red Stone Forest

The Red Stone Forest Scenic Area is situated in Jianshan Village and Niuxinshi Village administrated by the Jianshan Scenic Area Management Committee in Xinmi, with a total area of around five square kilometers. Only 6,000 meters away from the West Xinmi of Zheng-Shao-Luo Expressway, it is the largest stone forest landscape group and place for the inheritance of Fuxi culture. Seen from a distance, the Red Stone Forest is majestic and spectacular with rounding ranges of hills. Entering the area, you will see a magnificent picture of history unfolding slowly. The picturesque peaks and rocks are towering over the place like a forest. The landscape in the East and West Stone Forest is utterly different in an impressive manner.

Position of the Scenic Area

Jianshan Village and Niuxinshi Village administrated by the Jianshan Scenic Area Management Committee in Xinmi

Yellow River Landscape Ecological World

Located in the North Yellow River Beach, Babao Village, Huayuankou Town, Huiji District, Zhengzhou, the Yellow River Landscape Ecological World is famous for producing high-quality summer black seedless grapes. There is ecological processing agriculture like special planting, special breeding and green food processing, as well as fresh and green environment in the raw in the Qilin Peak Farm of the Yellow River Landscape Ecological World, attracting lots of tourists. As this farm focuses on the development of tourism, there are numerous advanced domestic varieties in the vineyard, honey peach garden and the moth orchid base built in the Demonstration Park of Circular Economy, providing tourists with an ecological land to experience farmers’ life.

Address of the Scenic Area

Located at the intersection of State Road 107 and Zhenghua Road, the Northeast Huayuankou Town, Zhengzhou, it adjoins to Lingzhuang Village in the east along Dahe Road, overtopping 2.5 kilometers in the north.

Self-driving in the Urban Area

Go north along Zhongzhou Avenue (or Huayuan Road)—North Fourth Ring Road Flyover—go to the North Fourth Ring Road toward Xuchang and Kaifeng—go east along the North Fourth Ring Road—go north (or turn left) across the intersection of Lingzhuang.

Public Transportation

The nonstop Touring Line 6. (Starting from Liuzhuang, Huyuan Road North to Yellow River Landscape Ecological World. Ticket Price: RMB 2). Take No. 62, No. 909, K6, and B20 to Liuzhuang Station, Huayuan Road, and then transfer to Touring Line 6 to Yellow River Landscape Ecological World.

Ticket Information

The full price of a ticket is RMB 50, while the preferential price is RMB 30 (the aged over 60 years old, children above 1.2 meters, soldiers and students with valid certificates); tourists with a valid Tour Guide ID Card or Military Disability Certificate, children below 1.2 meters and the aged over 70 years old are exempt.

Do not stay at home on weekends, and stop complaining there is nowhere to go in Zhengzhou, because these scenic areas above 4A are all near Zhengzhou. Let’s start a high-quality suburban tour on weekends.

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