Eight Touring Lines in the Garden Expo, to Visit the “Hauntingly Beautiful” Parks

As the ticket is available on the day, how should tourists visit the Garden Expo with an area of 119 hectares in the most reasonable and effective way? According to the layout, yesterday, the Organizing Committee of the 11th China (Zhengzhou) International Garden Expo organized eight different touring lines for tourists to visit more conveniently.

Eight touring lines are:

Touring line 1: A Chinese-Unification Dream Fulfillment Journey: Southern Gate→ Huashengxuan →Tongxin Lake (making a round-trip) →Huaxia Pavilion →Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Park →Beijing Park (four parks means Chinese unification).

Touring line 2: A Cultural Journey of Holding the Outer World with Broad Mind: Southern Gate→ Huashengxuan→ Huaxia Pavilion → Yuyuan Park →People’s Academy → Xuanyuan Pavilion → Mountain-guarding Stone for the Peace of State and People → Hongde Park (the core value) → Maanshan Park (incorruptible culture in the humble room) → Hefei Park (harmonious culture) → Qufu Park (traditional Confucius culture) → Taiyuan Park (Buddhist culture).

Touring line 3: A Discovery for Ancient China: Southern Gate → Jiuzhou Bridge (successively searching and gathering the visiting cards of the Jiuzhou Bridge in a particular direction) → Xuanyuan Pavilion (meaning: finding the common root).

Touring line 4: A Journey of Recovering the Original Simplicity: Northern Gate → Children Pavilion → Children Garden → Children Amusement Park → Xingang Flower Street → Weifang Park (kites) → Weihai Park (a thatched cottage) → Shijiazhuang Park (an orchard) → Nanjing Park → Garden of Senses.

Touring line 5: A Journey of Appreciating Chinese and Western Customs: Western Gate → International Exhibition Area → Qujing Park → Chengdu Park → Jinzhong Park (Shanxi’s courtyard scenery) → Changsha Park → Changde Garden → Lhasa Park → Yinchuan Park → Xining Park → Hohhot Park → Jingmen Park →Folk Cultural Park →Urumqi Park →Southern Gate.

Touring line 6: A Journey of Visiting Coastal Cities: Southern Gate →Shenzhen Park → Dalian Park → Haikou Park → Guangzhou Park → Shanghai Park → Yuzhou Bridge → Sanya Park → Hong Kong Park → Macao Park → Taiwan Park → Qingdao Park → Zhuhai Park → Ningbo Park → Lianyungang Park → Wenzhou Park → Weifang Park.

Touring line 7: A Journey for Delicious Foods: Southern Gate Food Court → Folk Cultural Park → Xingang Flower Street → Northern Gate Food Court.

Touring line 8: A Journey for Henan’s Local Culture: Henan Exhibition Area → Folk Cultural Park → Eastern Gate Rite and Ritual Music Square → Yuyuan Park → People’s Academy → Family Names Square → Jiuzhou Column.

In order to provide a convenient environment for tourists, there are touring routes and stops for battery cars. The green areas on both sides of the road, with a width of 1.5 meters, are pedestrian passageways, while the black areas in the middle are for the battery car sightseeing. The battery car is charged according to person time, which is RMB 15 per capita; during the holidays and other peak tourist time: RMB 20 per capita.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration