Interview with Secretary | Promoting the Culture-Tourism and Culture-Creation Integration, and Building a Historical and Cultural Landmark City of the Yellow River — An interview with Li Fang, Secretary of Leading Party Members' Group and Director of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism

"The Second Plenary Session of the 12th CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee put forward the general goal of 'being a good national team, promoting internationalization and leading the construction of modern Henan', and closely followed the general requirement of 'becoming an advanced city in overall work, and achieving the first-class level in key work'. Particularly, it put forward the further implementation of the culture-tourism and culture-creation integration strategy, which points out the direction for the future culture and tourism work of the city. Party members and cadres in the city's cultural, radio and tourism system will seriously implement the decision-making arrangements of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, and firmly work on the 'two guarantees'. They will comprehensively carry out the 'three standards' activities, push forward the in-depth implementation of 'Ten Strategies', provide cultural support for Zhengzhou to accelerate the modernization of the national central city, and greet the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements." Li Fang, Secretary of Leading Party Members' Group and Director of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, came straight to the point when interviewed by reporters yesterday.

Carry forward the Yellow River culture and inherit the historical culture. Zhengzhou is an important birthplace of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization, and one of the eight ancient capitals of China. It boasts obvious cultural advantages and resources such as the Yellow River culture and ancient capital culture. In order to tell the story of the Yellow River well, strengthen the inheritance, exploration, protection and utilization of the Yellow River culture, fully demonstrate the spiritual characteristics and value of the times contained in the Yellow River culture, and enhance the global identity of Zhengzhou as "the origin of Chinese civilization and the soul of the Yellow River culture", the bureau will speed up the construction of the "two belts and one center", namely the Yellow River cultural belt, the cultural belt around Songshan Mountain and the city cultural center. It will seize the opportunities, benchmark against international first-class cities, and focus on the city's cultural image. With the goal of building a historical and cultural landmark city of the Yellow River, the bureau will adhere to the integrated development of culture and tourism, strengthen the development and utilization of major cultural tourism resources, arrange the cultural tourism and creative work in Zhengzhou in a unified way, and further promote the implementation of the culture-tourism and culture-creation integration strategy.

Strengthen the leading role and promote the project construction. The bureau will scientifically construct the culture and tourism space of "two belts and one center, one park and three cores" along the Yellow River cultural belt, the cultural belt around Songshan Mountain and the city cultural center, accelerate the construction of major cultural tourism projects, and make every effort to build a world-class cultural landmark.

Polish the image of the city and shape the brand of cultural tourism. Focusing on the Yellow River Strategy and the construction of a national central city, the bureau will continue to do a good job in the Yellow River Culture Month activity, tell the "Zhengzhou Chapter" of the Yellow River story well, and consciously participate in the "Travel in Henan · Understand China" brand building movement. It will further promote the application of the IP of "the mountain, river, ancestor and kingdom" and improve international communication efficiency. Meanwhile, relevant departments will further improve the quality of literary and artistic works, launch more literary and artistic works reflecting the new look of the times and eulogize people's new creations, and promote Zhengzhou's literary and artistic business card as the "Yellow River Capital". All these efforts are to inherit the historical culture of the city, enhance the cultural taste of the city, tell the story of Zhengzhou well, expand the supply of high-quality cultural products, further enhance the cultural soft power of Zhengzhou, and promote the ecological protection and the implementation of the high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River Basin in Zhengzhou.

Drive cultural tourism consumption and stimulate market vitality. Focusing on the establishment of the municipal cultural tourism group, the bureau will actively introduce strategic investors, excellent management teams and mature business models, plan and develop a number of attractive and leading cultural tourism projects in Zhengzhou, and develop a number of cultural and creative consumer products with market influence and driving force. Focusing on the construction of the national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration city, national cultural industry and tourism industry integrated development demonstration zone, national and provincial all-for-one tourism demonstration zone, and national tourism and leisure characteristic block, the bureau will further consolidate the development foundation of culture and tourism industry in Zhengzhou, promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, and form a benign development trend.

Pay attention to science and technology empowerment and create "smart cultural tourism". Nowadays, digitalization has become an important direction for the development of cultural tourism during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The whole city's cultural tourism system will be committed to promoting the cross-industry application of digital technology, activating cultural tourism resources and interpreting cultural tourism products with digital technology, vigorously promoting the intelligent infrastructure construction of the cultural tourism industry, and advancing the live inheritance and innovation development of cultural heritage. At the same time, they will continue to adhere to the principle of "promoting tourism with cultural resources and highlighting culture with tourism resources", promote the extensive integration of cultural tourism and other industries, and strive to cultivate and form a number of new scenarios, formats and models. They will adhere to the innovation-driven development, and accelerate the construction of Zhengzhou's "smart cultural tourism".

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