Epidemic Prevention | They Fight the Pandemic Day and Night, Leaving Moving Stories

According to the requirements of the province and city, Zhengzhou has carried out nucleic acid testing on an emergency basis.

For days, the nucleic acid testing "army" dispatched by provincial and municipal hospitals has been working day and night in every community in Zhengzhou. There are some touching images and scenes of revolutionary optimism.

1. They are guards under protective clothing

Since the early morning of July 31, Zhengzhou First People's Hospital has dispatched two groups of 240 medical staff to various communities in Erqi District and Guancheng District for nucleic acid collection, and completed the task with high quality. On the morning of August 2, the hospital sent a third group of 350 medical staff to support nucleic acid collection in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

In order to reduce the heat, the villagers brought watermelon and the office sent ice to the medical staff. In order to maintain abundant physical strength and energy, the angels in white put ice on their bodies to cool down.

When collecting specimens for the elderly and children, the collectors acted very carefully to eliminate their fear. When they took off their protective clothing, their hands were white with sweat and their clothes were all wet.

2. They defend their beloved city day and night

"Come on, open your mouth" "Don't be nervous, it'll be fine soon..." With these intimate guidance and comfort, the medical staff completed one person sampling efficiently in less than 10 seconds, which gave confidence to the citizens waiting for testing.

Their clothes under their protective clothing were soaked with sweat, their faces were full of Le marks of masks, and their hands in their gloves were white with sweat bubbles. When they are too tired and sleepy, they either lie on the chair, sit on the ground, or rest in pairs. In the dream, they must be able to see their families they haven't seen for a few days. However, no matter how hard and tired they are, they will not stop their determination to complete the nucleic acid collection task with quality and quantity, because they are defending their beloved city.

3. A special encounter between mother and daughter at the nucleic acid collection point

Zhao Lisa is the second batch of COVID-19 nucleic acid screening team of Henan Provincial People's Hospital. Just after the night shift on August 1, she was urgently transferred to the task force to collect nucleic acid for the residents of Fenghuangtai Community with her colleagues. Because she was afraid that her family would worry about her, she didn't tell them about it. At about 11:00 that night, a 60-year-old woman with two children sat in front of the collection platform, took off her mask and said, "My daughter also works in the hospital. You're so hard.".

Hearing the familiar voice, Zhao Lisha, who was lowering her head to prepare, raised her head and couldn't help shouting, "Mom, it's me!" At the same time, the mother recognized her daughter and wept excitedly. The two children also recognized their mother and shouted happily, "it's my mother, it's my mother!"

Her husband standing aside actually recognized her wife, but he didn't disturb her work. He just stood there and silently recorded the picture of her work with the camera. The family met unexpectedly in this way. After a short warm moment, Zhao Lisha went back to work and is still busy at her post.

4. "Drinking ice water is not enough! We're going to lie on the ice! ”

On August 2, a video of a nucleic acid test doctor lying on ice to cool down went viral. This is the picture of the medical team sent by Henan Oncology Hospital during the work break. In order to ensure that the front team members are fully engaged in work, the logistics support department of the hospital directly transported 15 tons of ice! Over the past two days, the team members happily said, "We love these things so much. We have mung bean soup, watermelon, ice water, wet paper towels, electric fans, ice cubes, and now we have the 'ice city' and 'ice wall'! This is the best guarantee we ever had!"

When they work, they are surrounded by an "ice wall" built by huge ice blocks, and behind the ice wall is a powerful fan blowing a cool wind; During the work break, everyone happily sat on the ice, held the ice, or lay on the ice. They looked really happy! "Drinking ice water is not enough! We're going to lie on the ice! Is this the hospital that others envy? The team members who got strong guarantee said with confidence that they would complete the nucleic acid collection task with quality and quantity!

5. "It is so sweet that we love each other"

On the afternoon of August 2, at the nucleic acid detection point at the intersection of Weisi Road and Weilai Road, Jinshui District, at the end of a round of detection, Zhang Yayu, a team member of Henan Oncology Hospital and a general practitioner in the third ward of general surgery, was disinfecting the desktop. Suddenly an unexpected guest came. Wearing dark glasses, he tapped on the window and handed over two drinks.

Zhang Yayu raised her head and said in surprise, "What are you doing here?" The man only said, "Do it slowly. Don't be tired", and then he turned coolly and left Zhang Yayu holding two glasses of ice drinks. "Who are you?" The journalist opened the door and asked. The man didn't look back, waved and said, "I'm an enthusiastic citizen", and then he went away.

Even if Zhang Yayu wore goggles and face mask, everyone could see that she was smiling. She said, "That was my husband just now. He is a low-key man." "What did he bring you?" Zhang Yayu held up two drinks. It turned out to be two glasses of lemonade. "He brought me ice drinks. I want to tell my husband I love you!"

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