Shaolin Culture Poses on the 2020 China Sports Culture & Sports Tourism Expo

On November 27-29, the 2020 China Sports Culture & Sports Tourism Expo was held at Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou. Songshan Shaolin Temple, around the theme of “Chan in Shaolin”, launched a 400m2 interactive cultural exhibition area. The cultural exhibition area is sponsored by Songshan Shaolin Temple, China, organized by Shaolin Changong Institute and the School of Sports of Jinan University, and co-organized by the “Belt and Road” & Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Research Institute of Jinan University. This event was vigorously supported by Gong Fu Lian, HUPU, GOTO and other units.

Recently, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee adopted the Proposal of the CPC Central Committee on Formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Term Objectives by 2035, which requires the inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the inheritance and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, offering guidelines for inheriting and innovating excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Earlier, Vice Premier Liu Yandong, during a visit to Shaolin Temple, stressed that Shaolin Temple, as an ancestral temple of Chan, has made important contributions to the country in many ways over the years. First, it inherits traditional Chinese culture, especially Shaolin culture; second, Shaolin Wushu plays an important role in body building, advocating harmony between man and nature, and better protecting health; third, Shaolin Temple plays an important role in “going global” of culture, expanding the influence of Chinese culture and strengthening communication with other countries.

This exhibition was themed “Healthy China, Powerful Sports”. Through the display of sports culture and the holding of characteristic activities, the charm of Chinese traditional sports culture was highlighted, and a positive attitude towards life conveyed to the masses.

As an important window for traditional Chinese culture to go global, Songshan Shaolin Temple integrated interaction and display around the theme of “Chan in Shaolin” on this expo, highlighting the achievements of contemporary Shaolin culture represented by Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Heibaijue and Shaolin Changong, presenting dynamic and static Shaolin cultural characteristics to the public, and performing Shaolin Kung Fu on November 27, 28 and 29. The audience were allowed to feel the health, strength, optimism and other positive ideas advocated by Shaolin culture.

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