A Tour of Zhengzhou to Understand Early China

In the spring of 2002, the major scientific research project "Comprehensive Research in the Origin of the Chinese Civilization and Its Early Development" ("Project on Tracing the Origins of Chinese Civilization" for short) was launched. Experts and scholars traced the origin of the 5,000-year civilization of the Chinese nation to answer the questions of "who am I" and "where do I come from".

Zhengzhou is a historical and cultural city nationwide with nearly 10,000 immovable cultural relics overlooking the ancient capital. It boasts 100,000-year-old Zhijidong Cave Site, 10,000-year-old Lijiagou Site, over 8,000-year-old Peiligang Ruins, over 6,800-year-old Dahe Village Ruins, over 5,300-year-old Shuanghuaishu Ruins, over 4,100-year-old Wangchenggang Site, and over 3,600-year-old Shangcheng Ruins…

What's the uniqueness of Central Plains Civilization represented by Zhengzhou in the formation and development of Chinese civilization? And how about its role? In 2022, what new surprises and discoveries can we see in Zhengzhou, a city with most items shortlisted for China's top 10 new archaeological discoveries?

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