Zhengzhou Becomes a Candidate for “The Happiest City of China 2021”

The survey and selection activity for “the happiest city of China 2021” kicked off on May 18 in Hangzhou. This annual survey and selection activity, themed on “Happy City flourishes for years”, investigates the happiness of each Chinese city and promotes the real practices of “happy city” building mainly from such aspects as “making people feel happy”, “people’s city serves people” and “realizing high-quality development”.

The Happiest City of China Survey and Selection Activity has been held for 14 consecutive years, and a total of more than 80 happy cities have been selected. “Happy City” has become a name card and a target of many domestic cities in the new era.

The survey and selection activity 2021 will be carried out through big data acquisition, questionnaire survey, handling of materials, field research, expert review and other means to finally select “the happiest city of China 2021”. The selection results will be released in October.

The Urban Happiness Indicator System Based on Big Data launched by China Happy City Laboratory, founded under the leadership of Outlook Weekly, comprises 9 primary indicators i.e. Employment Index, Resident Income Index, Life Quality Index, Ecological Index, Urban Attraction Index, Public Safety Index, Education Index, Transportation Index and Health Index and over one hundred secondary indicators. With the technical support of BAIDU BIL, the indicator system has collected more than 10 trillion pieces of sample data about relevant cities.

The organizing committee, based on the lists of China’s happiest cities in previous years and a preliminary screening via big data, determined 100 prefecture-level (and above) cities including Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Ningbo, Changsha, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Tongchuan, Foshan, Xuzhou, Taizhou and Hefei and 100 county-level cities/districts like Nanhai District of Foshan, Tianhe District of Guangzhou, Nanshan District of Shenzhen, Fuyang District of Hangzhou, Taicang City of Jiangsu, Changsha County of Hunan and Yinzhou District of Ningbo as the candidates for “the happiest city of China 2021”.

As part of this survey and selection activity, China Forum on Happy City Governance was held in Fuyang, Hangzhou on the same day. City managers, experts and scholars from all over the country conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions in the fields of ecological civilization construction, regional coordinated development and improvement of people’s livelihood around the theme of “Chinese wisdom for modern ‘Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains’”.

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