Xu Liyi: Highlighting the "Early, Fast and Accurate" Implementation of Various Preventive and Control Measures to Quickly Cut off the Source of Infection and Prevent the Spread of the Epidemic

On August 1, Xu Liyi, Member of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, presided over a meeting of the city's leading group for the prevention and control of the epidemic, stressing the importance to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and highlighting the "early, fast and accurate" implementation of preventive and control measures to quickly and resolutely cut off the source of infection and prevent the spread of the epidemic in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, Henan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government.

Xu Liyi emphasized that it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of the new coronavirus Delta Variant with high virulence load and rapid spread, fully understand the arduous task that we have to both internally prevent the spread and externally prevent the output, fully understand the complexity, urgency and responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and take practical and effective measures to resolutely cut off the source of infection and ensure that it does not spread or proliferate. We must quickly identify key personnel related to the Sixth People's Hospital of Zhengzhou, so that no one is missed, forming a closed-loop of prevention and control for isolation and testing. We must speed up the inspection of the itinerary of confirmed cases, improve quality, track down close contacts and sub-close contacts as soon as possible, and implement centralized isolation measures in strict accordance with standard norms. It's also necessary to further strengthen the work of tracing the infection source of the confirmed cases, clarify the chain of transmission of the epidemic as soon as possible, grasp the patterns and trends, and take preventive and control measures in a targeted manner. We must further increase prevention and control efforts around key areas, raise the standard of prevention and control, and prevent the spread of the epidemic in communities. We must accelerate the nucleic acid testing of all people, make good deployment of resources and forces, improve the level of on-site organization, enhance sample collection and testing capabilities, and ensure that the testing is completed on schedule. We must further strengthen the management of people leaving Zhengzhou, implement measures such as verification of nucleic acid testing certificate at traffic chokepoints, and guide the public not to leave Zhengzhou unless it's necessary. We must effectively strengthen the internal management of hospitals and implement prevention and control measures with stricter standards and higher requirements to ensure that there is no more cross-infection in the hospitals and eliminate all kinds of prevention and control loopholes. We must further strengthen the work of special places, such as airports, cold chains and ports, resolutely overcome carelessness, strictly implement prevention and control standards and management measures, and resolutely guard the external input defense line.

Zhou Fuqiang, Yang Fuping, Niu Weiguo, Zhang Chunyang, Sun Xiaohong and Wang Wanpeng attended the meeting.


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