At Fantawild Adventure, Christmas Can Be! Like! This!

As December has come after the November, the time for our Santa Claus to slide down from the chimney is drawing near. Have you planned a family trip?

For observing Christmas Day, Fantawild Adventure (in Wuhu City, Anhui Province) is a good choice.

There are exciting entertainment projects accompanied by brilliant and beautiful lights at night, which enable you to have a good time. What’s more, the wonderful Christmas-themed evening show featuring flowing lights and colors will make your WeChat Moments posts more impressive.

When it “snows” at Christmas,

all will change completely here!

It will be so romantic!

Walking hand in hand, couples seem to “grow old” together with snow decorating the hair.

It will be so joyous!

Children will play and laugh happily in the “snow”.

For the Christmas each year, the most desirable must be presents from Santa Claus! What kinds of surprises can you get from the magic pocket of Santa Claus this year? Let’s wait and see!

As night falls, the Christmas lights on the Fantawild Adventure Block will be on in succession. The rousing performances are the prelude of Christmas, lighting up the winter.

You can’t miss the parade floats! Their full-bodied Christmas-themed colors, with the changing and shuttling of their special shapes as well as the pleasing formations, will be a visual feast. How satisfying!

The Christmas-themed performances will certainly push the night to a new high! A series of stage performances and DJ music will take turns to play. Santa Claus will also appear! The boisterous theme activities are cheering enough to warm you on the whole winter night.

You can watch the peaceful lake reflecting the bright lights, which can be called a fairytale world.

It’s another kind of romance to experience the “VR Soaring” and “Grand Carousel”, both going round and round to give you joy.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration