Come and Harvest the Spring among Blossoms!

Time flies.

And now is it late March.

It is just the season for enjoying blooming flowers

in the Garden Expo.

But the epidemic

still shadows everyone.

Well, don't worry.

Follow me. I'll show you the vigorous spring online.

Apricot Blossom

Apricot blossoms spread

in the warm spring wind.

Pure red while getting ready to burst, and white touched with light red while in full bloom,

Apricot blossoms' beauty rouses everyone's tender emotions.

The snowy white petals

tell the vigor of the spring.

Peach Blossom

"An ownerless peach tree is in full bloom,

do I dote more on the deep red ones or on the light red ones?"

Peach blossom is the frequent caller

when people talk about flower appreciation in spring.

Blooming flowers,

sprouting branches,

enhance each other's beauty in well with the surroundings.

It will never be overemphasized to call it a land of idyllic beauty.

Pear Blossom

In spring,

everyone will be hooked on the pure white pear blossom.

It is just the season.

The sunshine glows in the space between flowers and branches.

Fragrance gladdens people's hearts as breeze blows.

Yulan Magnolia

Flowers bloom on slender branches.

Everyone might be overwhelmed by blossoms as far as the eyes can reach.

The fragrance of delicate and pretty blossoms enchants us.

Yes. Yulan Magnolia.

"The orchid is flourishing,

Its fragrance spreads.

If no one plucks one to wear it,

How could that harm the orchid!"

Marveling at the beauty of Yulan Magnolia,

Chinese poet Han Yu composed such wonderful verses.


There are flowers whose fragrance floats vigorously.

In this aspect, lilac really outshines others in spring.

Bouquets of flowers crowd on the branches.

Fragrance diffused all around moves every passer.

As the verse goes, "The lilac bush is embracing her sadness vainly".

Perhaps the poet couldn't help feeling wistful about its disappearance sooner or later.

February Orchid

As all varieties of flowers rush to embrace the spring,

The February Orchid

also sprinkles the spring with its own beauty

as spring breeze brings warmth.

Light purple petals, like rosy clouds,

cluster to

bloom in profusion.

Cherry Blossom

The epidemic let every member of the Chinese nation witness joys and sorrows, separations and reunions.

The heart-tugging cherry blossoms in Wuhan

tell everyone of us that cherry blossoms are not only the part to set off the beauty of spring.

Cherry blossoms have already become a kind of faith

to Wuhan, and to everyone.

The spring comes. The cherry blossoms are in bloom.

That means everything is going to be fine.

Some people say

"reunite after even a long departure", "recover what you have previously lost" and "It's really nothing" are three fortunate expressions in our lives.

The flowers are in full bloom.

We will finally defeat the epidemic.

Calm and tolerant,

we will soon enjoy the sunshine outside without restrictions,

and feast on delicacy we thirst for long.

Joy brought from the first travel after the epidemic will

help us recede sorrow from our mind.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration