The "Kung Fu Zhengzhou" Exhibition Debuts at the Second Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo

At the Second Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo, which has just ended in Wuxi, the "Kung Fu Zhengzhou" exhibition was held to show the unique Central Plains culture to guests and audience.

The heads of the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism, People's Government of Huiji District, People's Government of Guancheng District and relevant culture and tourism departments, representatives of the Cultural and Creative Branch of Zhengzhou Tourism Association, heads of more than 10 cultural and tourism enterprises, and nine inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage projects attended the Canal City Culture & Tourism Exhibition of Henan, Canal Culture Creative Exhibition and Canal Food and Culture Exhibition. They gathered together with peers from cities along the ancient canal to seek new opportunities for the development of the culture and tourism industry around the theme of "integration, innovation and sharing".

Since its establishment, promotional items including Zhengzhou tourist maps and bookmarks with the theme of the Kung Fu Zhengzhou, cultural and creative products with characteristics of the Yellow River culture and root culture from Henan Huaguan Culture, Henan Genwenchuang Culture and Zhengzhou Iqipa Digital Printing, outstanding exhibits from Niaochongzhuan Art Gallery, Henan Yingwen Jade Culture Workshop and Song Dynasty Royal Kiln, and Intangible Cultural Heritage demonstration projects such as Yellow River Chengni inkstone, paper cutting, pyrography, Yellow River Carp and Junxing Shuangqiao wine attracted a continuous stream of guests and Wuxi citizens to booths for appreciation, consultation, and negotiation.

At the exhibition, Zhengzhou selected excellent promoters to promote Zhengzhou's culture and tourism. When the moving melody of the song Zhengzhou was playing, the guests and audience in the exhibition hall all cast their eyes here. With the theme of Welcome to Zhengzhou, the City along the Yellow River, and the background of Zhengzhou tourism promotional video, the dignified and beautiful promoters introduced effusively the Yellow River culture, the Yellow Emperor culture, Songshan scenery, Shaolin Kung Fu as well as Zhengzhou culture and tourism new business formats and new atmosphere. The Yellow River flows forward, and gives birth to the source of Chinese civilization in Zhengzhou, nourishing the root and soul of the Chinese nation. At present, Zhengzhou grasps the historical opportunity for implementation of the "Important National Strategy of Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High-quality Development" to build the main landmark city of Yellow River history and culture based on the city function positioning of "focusing on economic growth in the east, beautiful environment in the west, transportation hub in the south, back garden in the north, old city area renovation in the center and integration with surrounding cities". Focusing on the strategic layout of "two belts and one center", i.e. the Yellow River cultural belt, the cultural belt around Songshan Mountain and the city cultural center, it strives to implement a number of major projects such as the Yellow River Museum and Yellow River cultural complex. It will also hold many activities such as the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the World River Civilization Forum. It will construct the Yellow River Cultural Heritage Corridor with high standard, and make great efforts to build the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Belt with international influence.

The ruins of the Zhengzhou section of the Tongji Canal are located in Huiji District, Zhengzhou. Huiji District takes advantage of the spatial feature of "geographical convergence, the combination of ancient and modern cultures, the parallel flowing of the Yellow River and the Canal, and the integration of cities and nature" of the Grand Canal culture area to actively create a landmark for the national history and geography, a demonstration base for the cultural construction of the Grand Canal in the Central Plains, and a back garden of Zhengzhou with northern static stability style. The culture and tourism industry in Zhengzhou makes full use of the Zhengzhou section of the Grand Canal and collaborates with cities along the Canal to promote the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, which further highlights the important position of Zhengzhou in the Chinese civilization, enhances the influence of the Central Plains culture and the Yellow River culture, and provides strong support for the construction of Zhengzhou as a vibrant city in cultural tourism and as a national central city.

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