More Than 4.3 Million Tourists Received in Zhengzhou during the Mid-Autumn Festival with Tourism Revenue Exceeding 2 Billion Yuan!

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021, people had a stronger willingness to travel around thanks to the favorable condition from overcast to sunny weather. The entire cultural and tourism market in Zhengzhou realized operation in a safe, stable, and orderly manner on the basis of strictly implemented regular epidemic prevention and control. According to Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism’s comprehensive big data monitoring and sampling investigation, statistics collected from relevant departments at district and county (city) levels, 4.318 million tourists were received in Zhengzhou City during the holiday with total tourism revenue of 2.02 billion yuan.

Rigorous Implementation of Epidemic Prevention and Control

In order to thoroughly implement the work requirements placed by superior departments on epidemic prevention and control in the cultural and tourism market during the Mid-Autumn festival, administrative departments of culture, radio, TV, and tourism at all levels should rigorously take measures to move the pass of epidemic prevention and control forward. Libraries, art museums, cultural centers, and other cultural facilities should follow off-peak and time-division appointment regulations. In accordance with the requirements of “Putting a cap on tourist numbers; making a reservation, and avoiding the peak hour”, all A-grade tourist attractions shall put in place a ticket reservation system, promote the normalization of ticket reservation, and put a cap on tourist numbers required by relevant regulations. All star-rated hotels should take a host of serious measures in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, including regular disinfection, temperature checks and QR scanning for all, social distancing floor signs, real-name registration. All daily necessities in every hotel room should be changed or disinfected for every new guest. A food safety management system should be introduced to all hotels.

Deepen the integration of culture and tourism and innovate the supply of products

Every scenic spot and the cultural venue has been working hard for the high-quality development of and the integration of cultural tourism and cultural innovation based on the characteristics of the holiday tourism market. The new cultural tourism products and new forms of tourist services are widely praised by the citizens and tourists.

Strengthen public opinion publicity and advocate civilized tourism

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, and Zhengzhou Tourism Association issued holiday travel tips and required citizens to raise safety awareness, travel safely, and be civilized tourists. During the holiday, all Bureaus of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism at all levels and cultural tourism companies in Zhengzhou were active in providing volunteer services. They called for the uncivilized-behavior supervisors and volunteers to remind and stop the uncivilized behaviors of tourists.

Strengthen supervision and inspection and build a strong safety defense line

Before the festival, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism arranged a supervisory group to check the safety of the cultural tourism market, focusing on the prevention and control of epidemics in cultural tourism companies, preventing flood, fire, and trampling accidents, and ensuring workplace safety. During the holiday, the law enforcement teams of the cultural market at the city and county levels took an effective measure to rectify malpractices in the culture industry, radio & television, and tourism according to the division of responsibilities and the principle of "He who is in charge shall be responsible". They also carried out special campaigns to ensure workplace safety and tightened epidemic prevention and control measures.

Throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the cultural tourism market of Zhengzhou went smoothly and orderly, with no tourism safety accidents and major tourism complaints.

Short distance self-driving tour is the mainstream, and it is more convenient to make an appointment for a trip

There would be fine and crisp autumn weather during the last two days of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in Zhengzhou. Suitable for traveling nearby. In response to the call from the local government, the majority of citizens chose to spend their holiday in Henan and did not go out of the province unless necessary. Most tourists in Zhengzhou mainly went to the suburbs and took short-and medium-distance tours. Tourists would learn about the latest epidemic prevention and control policies at their departure cities and destination, make reservations in advance, and travel according to their reservation to avoid inconvenience.

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