Vision of the National Day “Golden Week” in 2017—How to Spend the “Super Holiday”?

The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival of 2017 are approaching. Unlike the previous years, the “Golden Week” of this year witnesses the “Jubilant Encounter” of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, bringing with an overlapped eight-day “Super Holiday”. China National Tourism Administration anticipated that the record of domestic tourist will see a breakthrough of 700 million passengers.

What are the new features of this year’s “Golden Week”? What vacation option will be preferred?

According to the report, the tourism market of this year’s “Golden Holiday” will present the following tendency:

I. Long-distance tour will be a hot choice. The “Super Holiday” stimulates the travel schedule, especially, the domestic long-distance tour is enthusiastically preferred. Surveys show that during the two festivals, the proportion of interviewees who travel for 4 to 7 days accounts for 48.9% of the total interviewees, while, those who travel for 7 to 30 days account for a proportion of 17.6%. The travel booking data of Ctrip show that destinations including Sanya, Beijing, Kunming, Lanzhou, Xiamen, Urumchi and Guilin enjoy high popularity. Still, the Northwest and Southwest China are hot choices.

II. Outbound tourism ushers its boom. Influenced by the constant consumption upgrading of mass tourism and the high exchange rate of RMB against USD, outbound tourism will usher its boom. Surveys show that during the two festivals, the proportion of interviewees who choose outbound tourism accounts for 16.4% of the total interviewees. The travel booking data of Tuniu show that places including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are the most popular destinations for outbound short-distance tour. On the long-distance tour, the USA, Canada, Australia, France and Egypt have gained the utmost attention.

III. Free travelling stimulates the popularity of “Traveling Around”. In the era of mass tourism, the consumption of tourism is upgrading and updating, leading the more emphasis on the tourism quality. Surveys show that during the two festivals, the proportion of interviewees who choose to organize the travel schedule by themselves accounts for 54.3% of the total interviewees. On the product demand, destinations including natural sceneries, scenic spots and historical sites and theme parks are most interested by individual tourists. On the travel distance, the mid-short distance self-driving tour is mainly adopted by individual tourists. The countryside leisure resort near the urban area is more favored.

IV. Value the travelling experience and satisfaction of personal requirements. Being “tested” by decades of “Golden Week”, an increasing number of tourists are not willing to repeat the travelling pattern of “sleeping in the car, photographing off the car”. They have put more stress on travelling experience and satisfaction of personal requirements which are regarded as the prior options.

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