Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden Will See Multiple Activities During the Coming National Day Holidays!

During the National Day holidays, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden will hold Orchid Exhibition and National Day Chrysanthemum Exhibition, not to mention diverse arts and crafts exhibitions, traditional folk performances, stunts and tribute exhibitions!

I. Ceremony for Moon Worship and Praying for Blessing

This year’s Ceremony for Moon Worship and Praying for Blessing consists of four parts: Inviting Moon, Worshiping Moon, Celebrating Bumper Harvest, and Praying for Blessing. Centered around the moon worship ritual, it will deploy a diversity of art forms such as ancient music, chant, dance, acrobatics, folk music and songs, and utilize innovative technologies like dynamic and smart projection to highlight the traditional ritual culture, convey the Mid-Autumn Festival culture in a better manner, express the theme of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, show Zhengzhou’s achievements in craftsmanship-driven rejuvenation, enhance the immersive experience of the audience, create an excellent audio-visual feast for tourists and offer them a gathering place to enjoy quality time with families. (See you this time again next year!)

II. Henan Folk Craft Theme Exhibition

Henan Folk Craft Theme Exhibition will bring nearly 1,300 pieces of unique and exquisite folk handicrafts including root carving, Guanci (a famous style of porcelain from Henan), Tang Sancai, paper-cutting and woodcutting together at four pavilions of the garden to showcase the wisdom of our hardworking Chinese and the colorful charm of folk craftsmanship. (Time: Holidays and weekends from September 16 to October 31)

III. Exhibition of Stunts, Time-honored Bands of Henan and Tributes from the Central Plains

The garden will invite folk masters from all over the Central Plains to bring audience amazing stunts and traditional snacks brimming with Henan style. To name a few, there will be Henan snacks, specialties and knickknacks, and also many time-honored brands like sugar painting, pyrography, sugar sculpture, mud cuckoo and dough sculpture. With a dazzling array of intangible cultural heritage works, the exhibition will be a mix of gastronomic delights and a lot of fun, and also a good opportunity to feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage! (Time: October 1 to October 7)

IV. Henan Folk Art Performances

Many folk art performances that are rarely seen in cities like dragon and lion dance, walking on stilts and playing suona horn will be staged again in the garden. In particular, precious folk cultural heritages like Two Ghosts Wrestling will also be performed. (Time: October 1 to October 7)

V. National Day Chrysanthemum Exhibition and Orchid Exhibition

In this autumn, the Chrysanthemum Exhibition and the Orchid Exhibition will kick off in the garden. By then, tens of thousands of elegantly plain orchid plants and blooming yellow chrysanthemum flowers will make a bright appearance, creating a dreamlike sea of flowers. Come and dance with flowers in autumnal breeze! (Time for Orchid Exhibition: September 28 to October 31; Time for Chrysanthemum Exhibition: October 1 to October 15)


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