Zhengzhou Yan-Huang International Marathon Joined China in Motion Officially

Zhengzhou Yan-Huang International Marathon signed a contract officially with China in Motion Special Marathon Competition Series yesterday. As the connection goes on, the Yan-Huang Marathon, one of the most Chinese cultural marathon events in China, will build a cultural brand during the competition. This is the news from yesterday's news conference of China in Motion · Zhengzhou Yan-Huang International Marathon 2017.

China in Motion · Zhengzhou Yan-Huang International Marathon 2017 will kick off on the 26th day of this month in Biyuan Yuehu Park in Huiji District. This is the first international marathon event that holds by our city independently, and there will be more than twenty thousand domestic and foreign competitors in the event. The event starts at Yuehu Lake in Huiji District and ends up on Yan-Huang Square, and all competitors will run along the Yellow River Dike and pass through the historical and cultural heritages like Yellow River Breaking and the Grand Canal of China, thus making it possible for competitors to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery alongside the Yellow River as well as further experience the cultural heritage and cultural characteristics of Zhengzhou and Yan-Huang culture.

China in Motion Special Marathon Competition Series is a Chinese story that is initiated by Xinhua Sports News and Chinese Athletic Association, and a national event that interprets the Chinese Dream. It has already been organized in numerous places like Sichuan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Hunan and Jiangxi etc.

After the integration of Zhengzhou Yan-Huang International Marathon and China in Motion Special Marathon Competition Series, Xinhua Sports News will build an all-round and most authoritative publicity and reporting platform for Yan-Huang Marathon, and provide with the top media services, brand supporting and resource introducing, to help the Yan-Huang Marathon to build itself into a cultural brand.

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