Latest Announcement on COVID-19 Prevention and Control in KANGBAI-WANS Mansions in Gongyi City

In compliance with the spirit of document No. 37 in 2021 issued by the Office of Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center, and according to the requirements of “Putting a cap on tourist numbers; making a reservation, and avoiding the peak hour”, the work of prevention and control in a normal, scientific and accurate manner is effectively carried out. It is hereby announced as follows:

1. The ticket reservation system is strictly implemented in the scenic area, and the reservation can be made by scanning the code "Henan Cultural Tourism Reservation Health Code".

2. Tourists from areas with medium and high risk levels are not accepted for the time being, and tourists with overseas travel history in 28 days and suspension history in cities with medium and high risk levels in 15 days will not be allowed in the scenic area.

3. Tourists who are outside Henan province and have a history of travel or suspend outside Henan within 14 days are required to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate report within 48 hours before purchasing tickets for admission to the park.

4. All visitors entering the park must wear masks throughout the process, keep a safe distance of more than 1 m from others, cooperate with the staff in code scanning, consciously measure the body temperature, people with normal body temperature and code are allowed to enter the park.

5. Please cooperate with the management measures for visitors entering the park.

This announcement is implemented on October 28, 2021.

For any questions or assistance, please call Gongyi KANGBAI-WANS Mansions Hotline 0371-64324004 0371-64326777 and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Management Office of KANGBAI-WANS Mansions, Gongyi City

October 28, 2021

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