A 5000-year-old City Wall Discovered in Zhengzhou! Do you know these thousand-year-old ancient cities?

Latest News! A 5,000-year-old city wall has been discovered in Zhengzhou.

According to the forum of "2021 Henan Archaeological Discovery", a city wall in the late Yangshao period, which belongs to the same period as Shuanghuaishu Site, was discovered in Dahecun Site of Zhengzhou after systematic exploration and key excavation during 2018-2021. Its trend, nature and function provide a new perspective and new scientific data for re-examining the position and function of the site in the Yangshao site group and foreign cultural exchange in Zhengzhou.

In addition, the earthquake relics are important materials to understand the layout of the ruins in the use period and their rise and fall, as well as empirical materials for the changes of prehistoric settlements caused by ancient geological disasters in the downtown of Zhengzhou. These new discoveries will promote the study of the civilization process in the Central Plains.

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