A Summer Carnival Kicks Off with Five Surprises for Fantawild Zhengzhou's 5th Anniversary on June 28th

On June 28th, 2012, the long-anticipated Fantawild Adventure opened in Zhengzhou. Since then, the Central Plain boasts its first theme amusement park featuring high technology, and people in the Central Plain can visit Fantawild Zhengzhou very conveniently. On June 28th, 2017, Zhengzhou Fantawild’s 5th birthday, it will prepare five surprises for visitors to enjoy this summer.

Spread Joys from the Central Plain

The construction of Fantawild Resort in Zhengzhou is invested by Shenzhen Huaqiang Digital Animation Co., Ltd. which Zhengzhou Huaqiang Culture Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated with. And it’s located in Zhengzhou International Cultural and Creative Industry Park of Zhengzhou New Area. Over the years, Fantawild Zhengzhou, based on the Central Plain, has strived for self-development in Zhengzhou. During the five years, Fantawild Zhengzhou has enriched the theme activities and created a joyous atmosphere of festival in the amusement park to bring novel experience to visitors. Besides Fantawild Adventure, new theme amusement parks including Fantawild Water Park and Fantawild Dreamland are also opened to offer more options to visitors and meet their various needs. At present, Fantawild Resort boasts over 50 large-scale indoor and outdoor entertainment projects, covering science and technology, animation, future fantasy, science education, myths and legends as well as theme performances. Most top-notch entertainment projects form the largest high-tech theme park cluster in the Central Plain and fill its gaps in hi-tech culture and tourism industry.

Fantawild Zhengzhou, a new name card of Zhengzhou culture and tourism industry, ranks top among tourism-related famous ranking lists. At 2015 China Cultural Tourism Industry Summit Forum, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure was awarded “the Most Popular Theme Amusement Park in China”, and Fantawild Water Park “the Best Water Park in China” and “the Most Popular Water Park” in the following year. Recently, the 2016 AECOM and TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) Theme and Museum Index Report shows Fantawild with a visitor growth rate of 37% ranks fifth in terms of attendance figures among global theme parks. In addition, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure ranks 17th among top 20 theme parks, and Fantawild Water Park 15th among top 20 water parks in Asia-Pacific region.

Zhengzhou Fantawild, supported and well-received by visitors in the Central Plain, has made great achievements. In the past five years, visitors highly praised various entertainment projects, quality services and diversified holiday celebrations in Zhengzhou Fantawild. A favorable reputation among visitors greatly promotes the development of Zhengzhou Fantawild, and builds it into a distinguished theme park in the Central Plain.

A summer carnival kicks off with five surprises

Fantawild was always accompanied by happiness and joys over the past five years. The two-month Carnival Fantawild will ring up its curtain on June 28th, 2017, the 5th birthday of Zhengzhou Fantawild, and bring five surprises for visitors.

Firstly, visitors can explore the filming location of Keep Running to play the same games and entertainment projects. The episode 10 of Keep Running which was shot in Fantawild was seen as the most amusing and hilarious show by audiences after it was launched. From now on, visitors can not only experience the entertainment projects which the hosts of Keep Running have participated in, but can play its exciting games like “tearing off name tags”, “getting stool” and “relay game”.

Secondly, the upgraded carnival is all in Fantawild’s 5th anniversary. On June 28th, the 5th anniversary of Zhengzhou Fantawild, the opening hours of Fantawild Adventure will be prolonged to 21:30 so as to provide visitors with 12-hour joyful time. Led by the “King of Carnival”, the carnival parade, integrating features from multiple nations, will kick off. Besides, visitors may enjoy delicious birthday cakes, receive mysterious gifts and feel the joys of its birthday.

Thirdly, feel the exotic dance performance themed on “flowers blooming all over the world”. From July 1st to 2nd, the large-scale foreign dance performance themed on “flowers blooming all over the world”, once shown in Chinese New Year Gala and Shanghai World Expo, will start in Fantawild Adventure and Fantawild Dreamland of Zhengzhou. Here you can appreciate Irish dance, Spanish flamenco, European court dance, Scottish bagpipes and Brazilian samba.

Fourthly, Fantawild musical festival is on the way. On July 8th, Fantawild musical festival will bring visitors and stars to the summer party of Fantawild Water Park. Here you can enjoy the exciting water entertainment projects with super stars, and see bikinis everywhere on the beach. With the summer breeze, the “hottest” 12-hour musical festival is waiting for you!

Finally, explore “Samajam”, the participatory musical show. From July 15th to 16th, Canadian participatory musical show, “Samajam”, will bring you to a magic musical journey. The internationally popular musical show will provide a participatory musical experience during the whole journey. Whether you can play musical instruments or not, here you are the player.

In addition, Fantawild Water Park, Fantawild Dreamland and Fantawild Adventure will hold carnival theme activities together. Fantawild Adventure will hold “Carnival of Multiple Nations” where the whole world meets. In Fantawild Dreamland’s “Myth Carnival”, discover the crazy immortals. And you can dance with water all day and night in the “Water Carnival” of Fantawild Water Park. From June 28th to August 31st, endless joy is awaiting for you in Carnival Fantawild!

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