Spring Outing | Spring Travel Guide to Xinzheng

Finally, spring is approaching! It's a good time to travel! Here are some things we can do to make the most of our time and the beautiful scenery.

You can kill three birds with one stone by hiking in Juci Mountain. Bird 1: You can get your body exercised; Bird 2: You can enjoy the blooming rape flowers, apricot flowers and winter jasmine; Bird 3: You can spend your time with family and friends at an agritainment eating stewed chicken and sauteed wild vegetables and drinking a little wine for pleasure. You can also take your wife and children to Xuanyuan Lake to relax by walking and flying kites in the spring breeze and scenic beauty. What a pleasure! It is also a good choice to visit the Cemetery of Ouyang Xiu, the greatest literary figure of his age, to feel the literary atmosphere.

You can also go to Sias University, Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology and Zhengzhou Shengda University to relive your wonderful campus life. How nice it would be to lie on the lawn in the sun and remember your old school days and your original dream! It is also good to visit the Horse and Chariot Pits of the Zheng State with unparalleled treasures. It's amazing to see those exquisite wheels and horse bones of the battlefield of Zheng State in ancient China! You can go to Zhengfengyuan Scenic Area to experience the love legends in the poetry Odes Of Zheng.

It is also recommended to experience the joy of strawberry picking, cucumber picking or tomato picking in the countryside of Lihe Town, Chengguan Town, Guanyinsi Town and Guodian Town. They are sweet and delicious. You can also climb the Zheng-Han Gucheng (site of the capital of Zheng State and Han State), which boasts the world's best-preserved earth city wall dating back more than 2,700 years. I believe you will feel the vicissitudes of history as I did. The Xinzheng Museum is also worth a visit. There you can learn about the origins and stories behind the collections in each exhibition area.


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