New Landmark|One More Cultural Landmark! Henan Yu Opera Theater New Site and Yu Opera Grand Theater Opened

Henan adds a new cultural landmark.

After 8 years of construction, the Henan Yu Opera Theater New Site and Yu Opera Grand Theater was officially opened on February 20.

It is now the new home of Yu opera performers across China.

Yu Opera Grand Theater is located at the intersection of Luyimiao Street and Meixiu Road, Zhengzhou City, with a total investment of RMB 120 million. It covers a total area of 2.4406 hectares, with a total construction area of 16,681 square meters.

It includes a business complex building, a grand theater, a small theater, VIP halls, a research and experience hall, Yu Opera Museum, rehearsal hall,  canteen for staff and performers, underground parking lot, etc. In the future, it will be built into a large-scale comprehensive cultural place and a research base with Yu opera characteristics, integrating daily rehearsals, creative performances, art exhibitions, exchanges and exhibitions.

△Photo/Henan Daily

Henan is the birthplace of Yu opera, and Henan Yu Opera Theater is the "leader" among Yu opera theatres in China. Its Yu operas "Woman Sesame Oil Maker", "Cheng Ying Rescues the Orphan, "Chang Xiangyu", "Jiao Yulu" and "Chongdu Ditch" have won the Wenhua Award of the 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th China Art Festival. It has also made outstanding contributions to the construction of the cultural hub of central China and Henan's achievement of winning the Chinese Art Festival Award seven times in a row and the Wenhua Award six times in a row.

Li Shujian, President of Henan Yu Opera Theater, said that the completion and opening of the Henan Yu Opera Theater New Site and Yu Opera Grand Theater is not only a major event in the national theatrical circle, but also a re-start of Yu opera. It is now the new home of Yu Opera performers across China. Entering the new era, Henan Yu Opera Theater will take this opportunity to play its role as the "leader" of Yu opera. It will win more national art awards with more high-quality literary and artistic works, and strive to build Yu Opera Grand Theater into a must-visit tourist destination and patriotic education base for teenagers.

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