Photo Exhibition Was Carried Out at Zhengzhou Garden Expo

Yesterday, “Experiencing Four Seasons in Garden Expo Photo Exhibition” hosted by Zhengzhou Garden Expo and co-organized by the Municipal People’s Park was opened at the People’s Park, attracting the citizens to linger on.

The exhibition aims to boast the gorgerous, bright and colorful scenery of the Garden Expo throughout the year, show the richness of the garden culture to the citizens, and convey the unique charm of Zhengzhou Garden Expo featuring “People-oriented Garden Expo” and “Cultural Garden Expo”.

During the Exhibition, staff of Zhengzhou Garden Expo carefully introduced the location and garden culture of the Garden to the tourists, and publicized the upcoming Zhengzhou Garden Expo New Year Lantern Show 2019. Many citizens said that the construction of a National Central City in Zhengzhou was speeding up. This Exhibition let everyone really experience the new style of Zhengzhou garden construction.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration