Ministry of Culture and Tourism Reminds Tourists to Guard Against Travel Risks in Flood Season and Keep Safety in Mind

Affected by El Nino events, the weather and climate in China have been complicated and changeable since this year. At present, some areas in south China have entered the flood season. Heavy precipitation, typhoons and other extreme weather will occur frequently, increasing travel risks. Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) reminds tourists to guard against travel risks in flood season and keep safety in mind

I. Pay close attention to the weather condition. Before traveling, learn about the weather and road traffic conditions of the tourist destinations in detail, carefully plan the travel itinerary, prepare for heat, lightning and rain, and avoid traveling in bad weather.

II. Carefully select outdoor activities. Do not go to mountains, canyons or wading-related scenic spots in thunderstorm weather. Do not swim in the waters without safety protection to prevent drowning accidents, and don’t take part in exploring tours on undeveloped routes.

III. Timely call for help in case of danger. In case of sudden danger during the journey, keep calm, save yourself and other people in time, and evacuate from the dangerous areas as soon as possible. While waiting for rescue, save physical strength, maintain patience, obey the command, avoid crowding and confusion, and retreat in an orderly manner.

IV. Prepare commonly used medicine for the trip. The weather in flood season is changeable, which is easy to cause various diseases. Attention should be paid to keeping yourself warm and comfortable and preparing commonly used medicine. When traveling in the wild, apply anti-mosquito product to prevent diseases caused by mosquito bites.


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