The China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden Opens a New “Entrance” for Tourists!

Since the opening of the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden in 2010, various activities have attracted a large number of tourists every year. During holidays, more tourists will come here. In order to relieve the pressure of passenger flow and traffic to facilitate the travel of tourists, the west gate was added to the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden on December 12, 2018.

At present, the main gates stand in the north and east of the garden, both of which have ticket windows and check-in entrances. Every tourist season or weekend, the garden will welcome a large number of tourists who need to queue up to buy tickets, which may lower tourists’ spirits to some extent. In addition, many people now usually do not take much cash with them when traveling, thus resulting in the inconvenience of buying tickets. Therefore, the west gate has been added in the garden as a self-service check-in entrance.

Tourists who buy full-price tickets can directly enter the garden at the 2nd, 3rd or 4th entrances of the west gate by using Alipay payment codes or the bank cards with the function of “Quick Pass”. However, tourists who purchase half-price tickets must pay for admission by using Alipay payment codes with their valid documentations. Free tickets are only available to those over 70 years old, who are allowed to enter the park through self-service scanning of the second-generation ID cards with a guardian. Disabled people and servicemen need to go to the north gate or the east gate for free tickets.

The west gate of the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden is on the east side of a road, which is 400 meters south to the intersection of Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Logistics Road and Wansan Road. In order to solve the parking problem of tourists entering from the west gate, the garden has built a new parking lot with nearly 600 parking spots. The parking lot at the west gate adopts the self-service mode supporting ETC and code-scanning payment. Tourists who need to pay parking fees in cash can choose to park at the north gate or the east gate before entering the garden.

The traffic, tickets purchasing and entering the garden will no longer be pressure for you travelling here! During the New Year’s holiday, a large-scale lantern show will be held in the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. Invite your friends for a feast of festival lanterns!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration