Poverty Alleviation Movie Xiao Shitou Going to the Countryside of Xingyang City Starts Shooting

On September 21st, the boot ceremony of film Xiao Shitou Going to the Countryside which was based on the work of poverty alleviation in Xingyang City was held in Donghenan Village, Sishui Town, Xingyang City. This is not only a major event of the Xinghai Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou City (hereinafter referred to as Xinghai), but also a joyous occasion in the field of cultural construction and poverty alleviation in Xingyang City.

Xiao Shitou Going to the Countryside, a film themed with poverty alleviation, takes the Donghenan Village as the filming prototype and main shooting scene. Xinghai invested RMB 15 million to invite famous national actors to star in the film. The film mainly tells a series of stories that happens when the protagonist of the film goes to the countryside to devote himself in poverty alleviation. The film shows the city’s determination to fight against poverty and the process, the unremitting pursuit of CPC committee and government for raising people’s living standards, and the public servant spirit and courage of poverty alleviation leaders to take responsibility, devote into work, and sacrifice own interests to serve the benefits of all.

Donghenan Village of Sishui Town, the main shooting location of Xiao Shitou Going to the Countryside, is situated in the west of Xingyang City. The village with crisscross ravines and gullies is a typical semi-hill land. Sishui River is connected with the intersection of the two ditches among the three mountains. The local people have built houses and dug cave dwellings in the ditches for generations. In the rainy season, every house is surrounded by water because the rain pours down from the mountains, so it is almost impossible to build a decent road in the village.

Since the launch of the poverty alleviation work, with the help of the resident working team at all levels and the First Secretary, the village has newly built 12.183 kilometers of roads, beautified and trimmed 1.5 kilometers of main roads and drainage channels, dug 13 new motor-pumped wells, added 5 new supporting transformers, set 17,000 meters of buried pipes and 2600 meters of buried cables, and built 1000 square meters of new cultural squares, completely racking a series of knotty problems including the difficulties in travel, drinking and irrigation of villagers in Donghenan Village. The working team also plans to build a riding base in western Zhengzhou City, vigorously cultivate and develop the tourism, leisure and tourism industry, and gradually build the village into a preferred place for the surrounding citizens to enjoy the slow life of rural tourism.

The First Secretary in Donghenan Village spare no pains to perform his duties down to earth, insisting on the monthly “Five Ones” (poverty alleviation principle is required to visit the low income family once a week, the First Secretary of the village should visit the low income family, communicate with farmers, help cleaning, and understand, analyze or solve a problem once a day), which not only is witnessed and remembered by the masses, but also touched the poor households and inspire the village party branch committee and the village committee. With the efforts of all parties, Donghenan Village successfully gets rid of the title of provincial poor village. The original 24 poverty-stricken households with 77 persons recording in the archives are left with only 6 poverty-stricken households with 15 people still not out of poverty. Many poverty-stricken households even successfully set foot on the road to prosperity.

Since the launch of the fight against poverty, Xingyang City has combined its own advantages to actively play the leading role of the majority of party members, cadres and functional departments, continuously integrated and explored various poverty alleviation policies and potentials of industry, finance, and charity, and gathered private entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life. The funds and power are integrated and gathered into the poverty alleviation work to explore and form the all-round new model of poverty alleviation consisting of multiple “engine” drivers, linkage up and down, and all-sided connection to take poverty alleviation work to a new step. The poverty-stricken population decreased from 14,179 at the end of 2014 to 693 at the end of 2017, with a poverty reduction rate of 95%, and the incidence of poverty fell from 2% to 0.01%. All the 40 poverty-stricken villages in the city are lifted out of poverty and win the title of “Advanced Unit of Poverty Alleviation Work in 2017” in Henan.

In this battle for poverty alleviation, countless touching and inspiring stories have happened on the poverty alleviation cadres and poverty-stricken masses in Xingyang City. What behind these stories is a kind of responsibility for tackling difficulties for the party and solving problems for the people, and a force that works together to get rid of poverty, which is exactly the basic conception and select material of the Xiao Shitou Going to the Countryside. In line with the theme of the times and concerning the current reality, the film promotes the “Story of Xingyang” to involve more participants for poverty alleviation. At the same time, after the public show, the film will definitely enhance the popularity of the filming location—Xingyang, and promote the development of rural farming, tourism and sightseeing, catering services, etc., thus driving the local people to get rid of poverty.

The two movies—Pomegranate Blossom and One-Way Train of Romance filed by the same film producer—Xinghai Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. which is an outstanding team with superb art, exquisite skills and high-quality work, have been released successively in the urban cinemas all over the country, which have established a great reputation and achieved remarkable box office performance. Pomegranate Blossom is also released in the rural digital cinemas across the country with the circulation ranked 13th in the country. The right of broadcasting of One-Way Train of Romance is purchased by CCTV-6, and it is regularly broadcasted on CCTV-6, which enables Xinghai to be the only company in the province whose right of broadcasting has been purchased by CCTV in recent years. Xinghai is also rated as one of the Excellent Film Production Units by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and is invited to participate in the film creation seminar held in Shenzhen.

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