Show the Charm of "A Feast of Beauty on the Central Plains"! The New Zhengzhou Art Museum Launches over 30 Activities to Popularize Public Education

The new Zhengzhou Art Museum was open to the public on October 25. Echoing with "A Feast of Beauty on the Central Plains" Inaugural Exhibition of the New Zhengzhou Art Museum, more than 30 activities with diversified themes and in various forms have been launched to popularize public education. Major series include the "About Master Calligraphers and Painters of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society", "Traditional Culture", "The Yellow River", and "A Dialogue with Artists". Moreover, for the satisfaction of all age groups, such series as "Parent-Child Interaction", "Students", and "Adults" have also been launched with the intention to show all aspects of the charm of "A Feast of Beauty on the Central Plains" to more visitors as far as possible.

Highlight I: About Master Calligraphers and Painters of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society

Since the establishment of the Xiling Seal Engraver's Society more than one hundred years ago, a constellation of master calligraphers and painters have come forward. The "Time-honored Xiling Society: Enduring Charm of the Central Plains — Exhibition of Seal Engraving Art" as a blockbuster of Zhengzhou Art Museum has exhibited the selected collection of the Xiling Seal Engraver's Society, fine calligraphy works by Mr. Li Gangtian in the recent years, and collection of ancient seals and sealed clay from Henan Seal Art Association, by which the gentleness and elegance of regions south of the Yangtze River and the simplicity and magnificence of the Central Plains greet each other to showcase the time-honored history of China's seal engraving art.

As a dedicated activity of popularizing public education, the series "About Master Calligraphers and Painters of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society" planned by the Zhengzhou Art Museum has introduced visitors to an array of prestigious calligraphers and painters of the Xiling Seal Engraver's Society, and vivified the brilliance and romance of Master Hong Yi (Li Shutong), the vigor and spirituality of Pan Tianshou, the artistry of applying ink and mien of Huang Binhong, the childlike nature and loveliness of Feng Zikai.

Highlight II: The Yellow River

The legends of the Yellow River have been spread to the northern regions. The "Context & Choice: Exhibition of Duan Zhengqu's Paintings and Documents 1983-2020" has been a demonstration of the general creation landscape and characteristics of the artist. For Duan Zhengqu, the Yellow River flowing through the Loess Plateau and people nurtured by the Yellow River have remained unchanged as the themes of his paintings. Since the late 1990s, Duan has unfolded the characteristic scroll of the Yellow River through his artistic series such as "Stories About the Yellow River" and "The Big Carp in the Yellow River". These works featuring dense pigments and an unrestricted way of painting, as well as the expressive forms, are telling the legends of the Yellow River, and inheriting the tradition of sketches in the northern regions.

Beyond doubt, we are born with unique sentiment for the Yellow River, the mother river nourishing us. To reflect this subject, Zhengzhou Art Museum will exhibit the series of "The Yellow River", which consists of the creations of Mr. Duan Zhengqu to depict the magnificent Yellow River.

Highlight III: Traditional Culture

The future as an extension of the past contains infinite possibilities. Zhengzhou Art Museum as a loyal inheritor and promoter of effulgent traditional Chinese culture has been committed to blending elements of traditional culture with diversified art languages together, thus creating new forms and unearthing new ideas.

Culture has intangible but inexhaustible power. Under the theme of "Traditional Culture", Zhengzhou Art Museum inspired by what Mr. Duan saw and heard on the journey of sketching in northern Shaanxi will plan and launch the series in consideration of the artistic manifestation of traditional culture in contemporary life to further understand the connotations of his creations and guide visitors to the landscape and mores of northern Shaanxi through the paintings of Mr. Duan. It is expected that all visitors can find "A Feast of Beauty on the Central Plains" interesting accompanied by Zhengzhou Art Museum on this journey of searching for beauty. The spectrum of activities for public education launched by the new Zhengzhou Art Museum will be coming soon.

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