Heyin Pomegranate Cultural Festival Will Kick Off on September 22

Yesterday, the press conference of the 13th Xingyang Heyin Pomegranate Cultural Festival was held in Songshan Hotel. According to related information, the 13th Heyin Pomegranate Cultural Festival will be held from September 22 to October 22 in Gaocun Village Heyin Pomegranate Scenic Area with the opening ceremony held on Liugou Pomegranate Square on the morning of September 22.

Under the theme of “Trees to Prosperity, Dream of Pomegranate Home”, there will be open appraisal activities to select “the Top 10 Individuals in Good Faith”, “the Top 10 Excellent Growers”, “the Top 10 Brand Retailers” and “the Top 10 Outstanding Individuals for Development Promotion”. Additionally, during the National Day Holiday, a series of colorful activities including Yu opera, pop music, calligraphy and paintings, live video streaming by web celebrities, food culture festival, mobile photography competition, cycling competition, Heyin Pomegranate Industry Forum will be held, for the purpose of realizing the win-win outcome of local prosperous market economy and both production and income increasing for farmers by bringing scale, benefits and influences to the festival and making it a pomegranate sales conference, cultural tourism experience conference and investment inviting conference.  

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