The 8th Du Fu International Poetry Week Kicks off on April 29 in Gongyi

On the morning of April 22, the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee released the arrangements for the 8th Du Fu International Poetry Week at a news conference. Built on the theme of “Make Du Fu’s Poems Heard by the World”, this event will kick off on April 29 at the Former Residence of Du Fu in Gongyi, Henan Province.

This year, more influential guests will be invited to participate in the event. In addition, it will be held in an online-offline manner to highlight external exchanges. More than 100 famous poets who are influential with profound literary attainment will be invited to the event, including Jidi Majia, Zheng Chouyu, Shu Ting, Xie Mian, and Xi Murong.

To host a characteristic event featuring a smaller quantity and better quality, it will be held in an online-offline manner, with the opening ceremony only held offline. One week before the event, an applet titled “Du Fu International Poetry Week—Memorizing Poet Sage” was launched on WeChat to invite residents, poetry enthusiasts, and primary and middle school students to memorize Du Fu online. Meanwhile, the organizer will live broadcast the opening ceremony on the applet to interact with the residents.

The opening ceremony consists of several activities, including worshiping Poet Sage, the awarding ceremony of Du Fu Poetry Art International Communication Base, and the donation ceremony of Du Fu cultural and creative products and the facsimile of The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting.

It is the eighth year that Gongyi hosts the Du Fu International Poetry Week, fully displaying the Yellow River culture, Heluo culture, and Du Fu culture as well as Gongyi’s cultural development trend characterized by high-level integration of culture and tourism, and uniting all forces to improve the cultural brand of the Hometown of Chinese Poetry and accelerate the construction of a modern benchmarking city and an influential city of cultural tourism with distinctive characteristics in the Yellow River Basin.

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