Unique Henan•Fantastic Theater City|Write a Letter to Late Spring

In April, later spring is coming. How can we let the spring stay?

With cob walls as the paper and flowers as patterns, let’s write a letter to late spring in the Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City.

[Pear Flower]

Pear trees cast shadows on cob walls, whose cracks are like the texture of the rough paper. Interlacing with each other, the branches of the trees are as black as ink; elegantly standing on branches, pear flowers are as white as snow.

The scent of flowers seems to have penetrated the walls, mixed up with the humidity from them.


This spring in Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City is crammed with pretty crabapples.

[Corn Poppy]

Wheat fields are interspersed with corn poppies with gorgeous petals, looking like a crayon drawing by children.

Although with an appreciating period of only three weeks, corn poppy is definitely a highlight in later spring.

In April, spring is leaving but will stay in Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration