New Media Training Course "Ultrastrong Goods-Selling Tourists" Opens to Support the Development of Henan's Tourism Industry

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, international flights have plummeted and inbound and outbound tourism has been suspended as a result of the spread of the virus at home and abroad. The tourism industry took the hardest hit ever, which posed great challenges to tourism enterprises planning to resume work and production. However, the epidemic drove the "skyrocketing" development of e-commerce and online sales of goods. In view of this, the Zhengzhou Federation of Trade Unions made multiple visits to get to know the difficulties faced by enterprises. It partnered with governments at all levels in Henan province to offer the new media training course "Ultrastrong Goods-Selling Tourists," playing a positive role in helping local enterprises to develop, developing operation ideas and energizing enterprises. This three-day "Ultrastrong Goods-Selling Tourists" training course that started on August 7 is a specialized one that the Zhengzhou Federation of Trade Unions provides for the tourism industry and related industries.

The new media training course "Ultrastrong Goods-Selling Tourists" was initiated by the Zhengzhou Federation of Trade Unions, hosted by Zhengzhou Staff University, Henan Dahe International Travel Service Co., Ltd. and Xinhang Tourism (Henan) International Trade Co., Ltd., and co-hosted by Dahe Business College and Damo Business College. Registration for this training course began on August 1. As of August 5, a total of about 120 applicants have been enrolled. After a "rigorous" selection, more than 50 tourism elites from Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Zhumadian, Luohe and Xinyang and practitioners from tourism-related industries gathered in Dahe International Travel Service Co., Ltd. to take new media training courses. Participation in the training course highlighted the enterprising spirit of the tourism practitioner as well as their preparedness to overcome difficulties and rise up to challenge. It is learned that Dahe International Travel Service Co., Ltd. opened the "Dahe Tourism Business College" during the epidemic, teaching tourism practitioners about how to manage and operate travel agencies for free and improving their overall quality. This training is also a continuation of the training course "Dahe Tourism Business School."

The three-day training consisted of an "Online Diversion Course," an "E-commerce Operation Course" and an "E-commerce Live Streaming Course", covering the operation models of various mainstream e-commerce platforms, community marketing methods, IP building skills, analysis of private domain traffic and public domain traffic, practical know-how about selling products on live streaming short videos, expertise on e-commerce realization, direction and status quo of live streaming platforms, setup of live streaming studios, planning of live streaming , etc.

The trainees were enthusiastic and responsive during the training session, asking questions on various aspects of the operation of new media. The teachers gave professional, detailed answers. After a three-days study, the trainees acquired a new understanding of selling products on e-commerce platforms, developed new ideas about product promotions and business operations, and created a new model for the future development of the tourism industry.

The Zhengzhou Federation of Trade Unions will continue to hold various types of training courses in stages and batches, get involved in all aspects of social development, focus on enterprise development, serve grassroots people, build Zhengzhou into a national central city, and contribute to the comprehensive recovery of the economy and the prosperity of all sectors of society!


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