Travel back to the Tang Dynasty in a second - Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater's creation and rehearsal of Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty stunned audience from all over the country

In the 2021 Spring Festival Gala of Henan province, the dance Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty created by Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater vividly demonstrated the culture of the Tang Dynasty with graceful dance postures. The 14 female dancers let the audience not only appreciate the unique style of "the prosperous Tang Dynasty with sideburns, cheeks, and the fragrant clothes", but also enjoy the rich Chinese history and culture. The program attracted the attention of many viewers nationwide as soon as it was broadcast. On February 12, 2021, the Spring Festival Gala of Henan province was ranked No. 1 in the gala column category on Weibo Variety List; the single video of Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty accumulated 10 million views on Weibo, and was reposted and praised by many media such as "People's Daily".

Featuring the musicians of the night banquet, Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty showcases the process of the young girls of the Tang Dynasty from preparing and finishing their makeup to playing at the night banquet. In order to reflect the image of the voluptuous Tang figurines, the actors wore sponge-filled jumpsuits and performed on stage with cotton in their mouths. It is worth mentioning that the Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty presented by the Spring Festival Gala of Henan province presents, was specially created by the team. With the use of modern technology to combine virtual scenes and realistic stage, it vividly showed the scene of girls of Tang Dynasty played, dressed up or fluttered butterflies in the water scene on the way to the night banquet. They walked through the museum, crossed the mountains rendered by colorful ink, came to the Forbidden City where the goldfish flew in the air, and this wonderful night trip to the museum for Tang Dynasty girls was as gorgeous as a dream.

Art comes from life, and life cannot be separated from art. According to Chen Lin, the choreographer of Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, after seeing the highly characteristic musical and dance figurines in the museum, she began to think about how to use artistic techniques to incorporate the life scenes and dynamic sentiments of the Tang Dynasty musical and dance figurines into her works. The Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty tells the story of young female musicians on their way to the banquet. The lovely and mischievous image and character traits of the female musicians contrast sharply with the life of the court under confinement. The costumes and shapes adopt the highly characteristic Tri-Color elements, and restore the history to the greatest extent possible, to put the viewer into the unique aesthetic space of the flourishing Tang period, and to show the great beauty of the art of Tri-Color in the Central Plains and China allover.

Talking about the feelings of creation, Chen Lin said with deep feelings, nowadays, those mottled historical colors, rich aesthetic standards have left us, but the heavy history and culture should not only be displayed in the museum, how to use multi-element art techniques to refine and carry on is left to culture workers of the new era to think about. They created this production to promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and call on the young people of the new era to come together to preserve the treasures of history and tell the Chinese story.

In the afternoon of Feb. 13, 2021, when interviewed by reporters, Sun Shujie, director of Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, said the theater always insists on pursuing classics and creating beauty, and insists on putting the people at the center and dedicating to the people with fine works. The dance dramas A Tale of Shaolin and Goddess of Luo River have won the Gold Medal of the "Lotus Award" for dance dramas and poems, the Outstanding Work Award of the "Five-One Project" of the Ministry of Propaganda and the Outstanding Program Award of the Wenhua Award. While doing a good job in the creation and performance of high-quality plays, the creative team of choreographers and directors are trained and encouraged to continue to innovate. In recent years, the dance programs Army Life, The First Lotus", Flower Picking Love, Go to the Opera, Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty and other works have been selected for the final evaluation of classical dance, contemporary dance and folk dance of China Dance "Lotus Award" and National events such as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism National Dance Exhibition. It has been appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for many times, and the delegation organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Henan Province has gone to more than 40 countries such as Poland, Thailand, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, the United States and Kazakhstan for cultural exchange performances, contributing to telling the Chinese story, spreading Chinese culture and promoting national art, making the Central Plains more colorful and contributing to the construction of Zhengzhou as a national center city. "cultural power". Since it participated in the "Lotus Award" classical dance competition in October 2020, it has been invited by Hunan TV and CCTV's "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala" for many times. In the future, Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater will continue to create more excellent dance programs to the general audience.

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