2018 Songshan Forum Open on September 15

The high-profile 2018 annual conference of “Songshan Forum –Dialogue between Chinese and Other World Civilization” will be opened in Dengfeng on September 15. At the scheduled time, more than 60 domestic and overseas cultural scholars, over 20 senior executives of overseas Chinese media, 9 celebrities of financial field, and other distinguished guests will gather at the foot of Songshan to carry out a new dialogue between Chinese and other world civilization themed on “Cultural Pluralism, Harmonious Living, and Sharing Future”.

The Songshan Forum is an international cultural forum relying on natural and cultural resources of Songshan, aiming to promote the exchange and mutual learning of the world civilization. It is held annually at a fixed place during a fixed period. Since the first session held in Dengfeng in 2012, the “Songshan Forum” has kept a general theme of “Chinese Civilization and World Civilization”, with the concept of “Mutual Respect, Seeking Common Ground & Reserving Differences, Reform & Innovation, and Dialogue among Civilizations”, which has been successfully held for 6 sessions featuring in opening-up & inclusiveness, abundance & diversity, and humanistic pragmatism. It is gradually becoming the external exchange window of Central Plains Economic Zone, a dialogue platform for the world civilization, and an important carrier of international cultural exchange.  

Following the Forum for Overseas Chinese Media firstly set last year, this Songshan Forum will continue to arrange the aforesaid Forum, invite overseas Chinese Media for discussions, and spread the influence of Henan and Songshan.

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