Zhongyuan Lantern Show 2018 of the Green Expo Garden is in Preparation

Since its founding, the Zhongyuan Lantern Show of the Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden has always enjoyed high popularity and reputations. In order to consolidate the brand of festival activities and set a festive mood, the Zhongyuan Lantern Show 2018 will be held in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. Currently, the preparatory work for the lantern show, such as construction and investment-attracting, is in full swing...

According to the staff of the Green Expo Garden, in order to finish all preparatory work for the Zhongyuan Lantern Show 2018 as early as possible, the Green Expo Garden has begun to contact lantern manufacturers, and designed the plan for the Zhongyuan Lantern Show 2018 since August 2017.

The Zhongyuan Lantern Show 2018 is designed around four themes including “The Belt and Road”, “Auspicious Chinese New Year”, “Innovative and Prosperous Zhengzhou” and “Cute Animals Welcoming the New Year”, and will display more than 50 sets of colored lanterns. The lantern sets will be combined with sound, light, movement and other elements so as to demonstrate the youthfulness, fashion and vitality of the show.

It is learned that the colored lanterns this year has been greatly improved over previous years. First, the overall scale of lantern sets were increased; second, the colored lanterns not only have traditional shapes, colors, sound, light and movement, but also are tall, big, new-fashioned and unique, bringing about strong visual impacts and leaving visitors with profound impressions; third, all the lantern sets are made of LED cold light illuminators and specially-made LED insulated plastic bulbs, which reflect the energy saving and environmental protection concepts of the lantern show; fourth, the lantern sets contains more “flavor of the Spring Festival”, turning the lantern show more festive.

The opening date of the Zhongyuan Lantern Show 2018 is from February 10 (Lunar December 25) to March 11, 2018 (Lunar January 24). If you want to visit a lantern show during the Spring Festival, welcome to the Green Expo Garden. You will surely enjoy a brilliant feast of light and lanterns here.

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