Cherry Valley Management Committee: Present a Special Gift Pack on Nurse Day to Express Gratitude to Heroes in White

From May 3 to 10, in eight consecutive days, the nucleic acid sampling work in the area under the administration of the Cherry Valley Scenic Area Management Committee, Erqi District was successfully completed. The medical staff—Heroes in White—in Qixian County, Hebi have been working continuously for more than 10 hours every day. They always work hard on the frontline of mass nucleic acid testing to ensure that people in the whole area are checked with no one being missed.

On the afternoon of May 11, the eve of the Nurse Day, Cherry Valley Scenic Area Management Committee and the headquarters of Mixue Bingcheng Co., Ltd. prepared the Special Gift Pack to show gratitude to 51 members of the Qixian County medical team, who gave support to local nucleic acid sampling.

In the mass nucleic acid testing of this round, 51 medics of the Qixian County medical team in Hebi rushed to the immediate aid of the local people when they are needed. They explained the connotation of the most beautiful “angels in white” with actual deeds and won the unanimous praise from residents in the whole area.

In this round of nucleic acid testing, Cherry Valley Scenic Area Management Committee has done a comprehensive guarantee for those “Heroes in White”. Heroes who braved the epidemic are like the brightest “stars” at this moment. Communities in the jurisdictions showed their gratitude in different ways.

The International Nurses Day amidst the epidemic has made it even more moving. Cherry Valley Scenic Area Management Committee spares no efforts to protect the people and the “Heroes in White” rapidly respond to the epidemic rescue. The small gift packs hold the hands of both sides, showing profound gratitude for their persistence.

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