Recommendation | Feast on the Breathtaking Autumn Scenery in the Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area!

Ancient poets wrote a lot of lines about maple leaves, such as Luo Yin in Tang Dynasty who wrote “The frosted trees in the suburbs look alive in fine days, and the drizzle tints maple leaves with a touch of red in the mountains.” In addition, Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty wrote “Overlooking the towering and precipitous peaks, the maple leaves link up into a single stretch.” Du Mu in Tang Dynasty wrote “I stopped to see the maple leaves in late autumn that are brighter than the flowers flourishing in February.” Among a great variety of plants, maple leaves are always vivid no matter how harsh the environment is.

Maple leaves carpet all the mountains and hills in the charming autumn.

Red symbolizes passion, and the maple leaves spreading all over the mountains ignite people’s passion for nature and life.

At this time, Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area begins to go red

In such an inviting fall, let’s hit the road if you’re all set!

Let’s experience the changes of seasons in the nature in the picturesque and gorgeous fall.

In the wooded hills, green trees interweave with red maple leaves, demonstrating an intoxicating scene.

In the fall, the maple leaves look especially appealing against lush pines. In the sunlight, florid, pink, scarlet, peach and other different shades of red integrate with each other.

In the freezing autumn wind, maple leaves look like rosy clouds of spectacular significance and captivating glamour!

On the aerial tramway, the autumn scenery across the scenic area comes into view

In this wonderland away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the sunlight dyes the mountains with pleasing colors and the refreshing air in the woods sweeps away all the distractions.

People can stroll hand in hand on the path in woodland and watch the autumn leaves fall tranquilly, immersing themselves in the dense idyllic atmosphere of autumn

The Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area in autumn is like a world in fairy tale, eyeing imposing scenery everywhere.

While appreciating the stunning, rich and fiery red as well as tempting and abundant scenery, you are welcomed to tell your child a story or look into the future.

Let’s feast on the breathtaking autumn scenery in the Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area!

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