Admire the Beauty of Chrysanthemums | Chrysanthemums in Frost The "Colorful Chrysanthemums Embellish the Cool Autumn" Chrysanthemum Exhibition Opens in the People's Park

When Frost's Descent arrived to introduce the season brimming with the autumnal atmosphere, the "Verdant Ancient Capital of the Shang Dynasty · Flowery Zhengzhou" 2020 Zhengzhou Chrysanthemum Exhibition in the Golden Autumn kicked off in the Zhengzhou People's Park amidst the frost. Boasting a greater variety and a larger number of chrysanthemums than the previous sessions, and more designs, this show has made it possible for citizens to appreciate the beauty of noble and unsullied chrysanthemums in Zhengzhou.

In the Central Square of the People's Park, the decorative chrysanthemums in shapes like the "two dragons playing with a pearl", the "proud peacock", the "elephant", and the "goldfish" have been arranged in a group and placed for the exhibition.

In the People's Park, the staff members of the garden were placing potted chrysanthemums of new varieties such as "Green Anna", "Splendid Redness", and "Curtain-like Ice Fall" on the display racks. Visitors were enthralled by the colorful chrysanthemums. In particular, they were surprised at the "Colorful Chrysanthemum", which features one flower in several colors. A technician introduced that it is a special phenomenon after the root of the chrysanthemum absorbs a special growth solution.

According to the introduction, the Show is hosted by Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau and organized by People' Park (Zhengzhou). From October 24 to November 6, more than 40,000 pots of flowers of more than 100 varieties, including the ones named "Green Anna", "Splendid Redness", and "Curtain-like Ice Fall" are on exhibit.

Themed as "Colorful Chrysanthemums Embellish the Cool Autumn", the Show covers the whole park, with the primary exhibition area and secondary exhibition areas clearly divided. All varieties of chrysanthemums are in full bloom to decorate this chilly late autumn, making visitors feel a special kind of warmth in the heart in the park.

The main exhibition area is located in the Autumn Garden Square and Central Square, which focus on the display of chrysanthemum art designs. Meanwhile, flower realms are created in the East Gate of the Park, the Lotus-Pond Tree Pool, and the Peach Blossom Garden, and small chrysanthemum exhibition areas are also set at the West Gate, the South Gate, the Bamboo Garden, and on Qingnian Road.

In addition to chrysanthemums, the Bonsai Garden (Autumn Garden) is open to the public during the exhibition period, where residents can appreciate the beauty of more than one thousand pots of selected bonsai. The time for the Bonsai Exhibition is from October 24 to November 30, 2020.

While admiring the beauty of chrysanthemums in the Park, people can also enjoy another "ordinary but genuine happiness", that is, the beautiful landscape designed after tearing down walls at the West Gate and renovating the West Gate. The relevant people in charge of the Park remind the public that although the Show is free of charge, residents must abide by the normal requirements for pandemic prevention and control and keep wearing the mask during visiting in the Park.

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