Volunteer Activities | "Volunteer Red" Reappears in Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park during the National Day Golden Week

October with its fine weather is the best time for traveling. During the National Day Holiday, tourists from all over the country came to Zhengzhou to celebrate the 73rd birthday of their motherland. To provide tourists with better services and a wonderful tourism experience, workers in the park went to the "front line" to offer volunteer services.

At the south gate ticket check, one of the most crowded areas in the park, volunteers in red vests always provided considerate services with patience.

The South Square was also packed with people. There, the volunteers would patiently explain the tour routes and park features, winning the praise of many tourists. There were also supporting staff who guided tourists at car rental sites and waiting halls, maintained cleanliness at dining sites, or patrolled the park to clear away garbage.

The weather changed suddenly on the afternoon of October 3, yet the workers and volunteers still persevered on their posts.

Despite the strong wind and heavy rain, the ticketing and security personnel stuck to the "front line". They answered questions patiently and greeted every tourist with full enthusiasm. The figures in red became a wonderful sight during the holiday.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration