“Spectacular Firework Night” Is Coming during the Summer Vacation, Turning on the “Day & Night” Carnival Mode

With continuous release of favorable policies, the tourist flow in the scenic area has picked up significantly during the summer vacation. It is reported that from June 17 to 19, Enjoy Land International Tourism Resort received 81,000 tourists in total, among which Enjoy Happy Oceans Water Park received a total of 45,000 tourists in three days. As the golden period for tourism is coming in summer vacation, the carnival of the resort is still rising.

In order to ignite the summer tourism market, Enjoy Land International Tourism Resort will turn on the summer carnival on June 25. While the night show “Spectacular Firework Night” of Enjoy Animal Kingdom will be launched for the first time this summer, the 7th “Electronic Music Festival and Fun” of Enjoy Happy Oceans Water Park is officially reopened to the public. Also, various activities including Enjoy Land Hi Ten Circus, Enjoy Land Sky Wheel Square and Enjoy Land Lobster Festival will definitely bolster the nighttime economy during summer vacation. Since the resort attracts many tourists on weekends and holidays, which puts a lot of pressure on operation, the Government of Liuzhai Town always provides strong support. Whenever this time, volunteers wearing red vests of the “New Era Civilization Practice Center” are arranged in advance to maintain order in the resort and provide help for tourists.

In addition, Enjoy Land International Tourism Resort prepares a series of activities themed “cool and refreshing summer”, such as the “Merry Water-Sprinkling Season” of Enjoy Animal Kingdom, “0℃ Summer Season” of Enjoy Snow World, “Cooling Season” of Enjoy Snow Hotel, and “Cold Spring Season” of Enjoy Royal Hot Spring. Coupled with the “Enjoy Land Yunyan Lake Camping Site” where the flowers are in full bloom and the Enjoy Land Waters Club with the first wake surfing item in Central China, the “Day & Night” carnival mode will be ignited soon.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration