Come to See the Great Exhibition

During the National Day holiday, the Henan Museum ushered in a heavyweight national treasure—the Changxin Palace Lantern. It is known as "the No.1 Lantern in China" and it appeared in the "National Treasure Special Exhibition" of the museum. At the same time, Henan Museum has also launched a variety of fun and wonderful activities to introduce the long history of China.

In the Henan Museum, you can see the beautiful Changxin Palace Lanterns from the Western Han Dynasty, a heavyweight national treasure from other provinces in China. The Changxin Palace Lantern is known as "the No.1 Lantern in China", which is second to none in the palace lanterns of the Han Dynasty. It is considered to be the peak of Chinese arts and crafts and an important representative of national crafts.

Come to Zhengzhou Art Museum and Get Closer with Art

In the new hall of Zhengzhou Art Museum, the "Huayu Fenggu" Academic Invitation Exhibition of National Masters of Composite Painting brings together the outstanding works of 60 famous artists in composite painting from all over China, showing contemporary Chinese art with modernity, innovation and thoughtfulness.

The Children's Department of Zhengzhou Library Launched a Series of Activities for the National Day

On National Day, every child who came to the library was given a small national flag to send their blessings to their motherland.

The "VR experience" on the afternoon of October 1 kicked off a series of National Day activities. VR offers a thrilling activity for children. The library projected VR on the wall so that the children who wore a headset and those who stood watching both had a wonderful game experience.

Zhengzhou Library Launched Revolution-themed Educational Shadow Puppet Show

On October 1, which marked the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Zhengzhou Library launched the revolution-themed education and displayed the revolution-themed story “Young Hero Wang Erxiao” in the form of shadow puppet show to express the love for and blessing to the motherland.

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