Party Members and Cadres of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism Be the "Hard Core" in the Flood Relief

The extraordinary rainstorm, a natural disaster rarely seen in history, made Zhengzhou the focus of national concern. Facing severe challenges, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism and the whole industry acted according to the order, leading all the primary Party organizations, Party members and cadres and workers, star-rated hotels, public cultural venues, "Lvchengchunyu" cultural tourism volunteer service team to take the lead, effectively organizing various flood control and rescue work, and becoming the "hard core" of Party members and cadres of Zhengzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism with practical actions.

Scientific Research and Judgment: Building the Safety Defense Line of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Industry in Zhengzhou

Since July 16, the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government have made flood control arrangements and launched an industry-wide emergency plan for flood control on July 17. The organ has carried out a continuous inspection of drainage facilities in the office building. The timely and effective protection work throughout the day on July 20 has successfully averted danger for the organ's two-story underground garage and the distribution room and high-voltage cables and other facilities located underground, ensuring the safety of Zhengzhou Radio & Television building in flood season and the broadcasting of Zhengzhou Radio.

Plan ahead: Ensure the Life and Property Safety of Citizens and Tourists

The party leadership group of the bureau has held three group enlargement sessions before July 19 to study the flood prevention measures in the culture, radio, television and tourism industry of the whole city, and issued the Emergency Notice of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism on Flood Prevention to strengthen the organization and leadership of the flood prevention work of the cultural, radio and tourism industry units of the whole city, and centrally and uniformly deployed the flood prevention work in scenic spots, travel agencies, star-rated hotels, emergency broadcasts and public cultural venues. It also closes all A-level scenic spots in advance, arrange party members to carry out flood control supervision in each county (city) and district in advance according to the subcontracting mechanism, and arrange safety broadcast inspection in advance to ensure that there are no casualties in the cultural, broadcasting and tourism industry market.

After the rainstorm on July 20, the party leadership group of the bureau immediately arranged the party committee of directly affiliated organs to issue the "Proposal on Active Participation of Primary Party Organizations and Party Members and Cadres in Flood Control and Emergency Relief", and set up five volunteer commando teams to serve the community for flood control and emergency rescue and four flood control and emergency rescue working groups. Up to now, the per capita service duration is 4 hours.

All primary party organizations of the system have actively carried out self-rescue of units and community service work for units in their respective posts, and have dispatched more than 200 party member volunteers.

Solidarity: Make the Party Flag Fly High on the Front Line of Flood Control

After the rainstorm, Zhengzhou Library, subject to the Bureau, provides free parking spaces, mobile power banks and 24-hour rest and reading areas for the trapped people nearby. Cadres and employees of Zhengzhou Art Museum rescue and transfer the collections of arts to ensure the safety of all kinds of national public property in the Museum. The Party Committee of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Branch of the Municipal Culture Market organizes 11 theaters in Zhengzhou to be opened as temporary rescue stations, providing various convenience measures for the people in need. Zhengzhou Cultural Center, Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Association jointly send living materials to the families of the inheritors who were severely affected. The Municipal Tourism Association urgently collects relief supplies from member enterprises and society and sends them to the scenic area with severe disasters. Many star-rated hotels, such as Noble International Hotel, Yingcheng Xindi Hotel, Yijiangnan Resort Hotel, Enjoy Snow Hotel and so on in the city, open their hotel lobby to receive and accommodate the affected citizens and tourists, and provide hot water and food for the rescue team free of charge. The working crews of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism in Yanglin Village and Qigou Village, cadres who serve a temporary position in Xinmigutang Town and local cadres and the masses work together in the rain to carry out flood control and resettlement work at the front line. At the early stage of the flood release, the Municipal Palace of Fine Arts and other units carry out various flood control work in the office area, and take effective rescue measures during rainstorm to ensure the safety of office supplies, personnel and vehicles, water, electricity, network and other infrastructures.

In the process of flood control, the Party members and cadres of the Bureau give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role, actively sinking to designated subcontracting communities of the unit and the community of their respective residences to carry out all kinds of emergency rescue and disaster relief, post-disaster reconstruction volunteer services.

In order to win the hard battle of flood control with resolution, the people of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism are still conducting scientific prevention and making every effort...

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