Check it out! The Illuminated Olympic Sports Center Shines in the Evening of Zhengzhou

As one of the four largest centers in Zhengzhou

and decorated by a colorful light show

the Olympic Sports Center is now illuminated

becoming more gorgeous against the night sky

The imposing and grand complex in the daytime

presents another enchanting scenery in the evening

As the night grows blacker

the brilliant changing lights on its walls

against the night

are even more beautiful

The construction of Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center is about to complete

The highly-anticipated Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center (Olympic Center for short) is now in its acceptance phase, and the main stadium is scheduled to put into use in this July. The light art projects of the four large centers in Zhengzhou are all undertaken by Zhengzhou Newspaper Group, with Haoersai Lighting Technology Group Co., Ltd. serving as the construction party.

Photo by Ma Jian

The Olympic Center, consisting of the stadium, indoor stadium, and natatorium, is situated at Changxi Lake cluster and in the western section of Zhengzhou public cultural service area, whose total scale tops among all of its kind in Henan Province. It will be the venue for the 11th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities to be held in September this year.

Design philosophy

Photo by Yue Feng

The Olympic Center is publicly called the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium) of Zhengzhou, but they have different design philosophies. The Zhengzhou-based Olympic Center follows the concept of “in the center of heaven and earth, and with the Yellow River’s water flowing out of heaven”. The stadium, indoor stadium, and natatorium are like three stone islands inlaid the belt-like “Yellow River” composed of the surrounding environment.

They also have different structures: As for the appearances, the National Stadium adopts the steel-structured hollow-carved design, while Zhengzhou Olympic Center is an enclosed complex with metal roofs and polycarbonate hollow sheets outside except for the outdoor venue. In addition, its solar photovoltaic panels on the metal roofs have well practiced the energy-saving and environment-friendly concept.

Evacuation settings of the Olympic Center

Thanks to a hundred of evacuation exits scattering nearby in the Center, when all the venues are holding events at the same time, visitors, even at the huge amount of about 80,000, may not feel crowded while exiting.

The stadium has 66 evacuation exits on its three-story spectators stand, enabling visitors to evacuate safely within six minutes. Meanwhile, with 129 accessible seats together with 129 special seats for their caregivers, the disabled can also watch performances and games like others.

Photo by Ma

Motor vehicles in the north and east of the Olympic Center can exit from the West Fourth Ring Road, Zhongyuan Road West, Qunan Road, and Longhai Expressway. Those in the west need to exit from the West Fourth Ring Road. Vehicles in its south are advised to evacuate from the West Fourth Ring Road, Zhanqian Road, and Longhai Expressway.

Future functions of the Olympic Center

In addition to being a venue for large-scale events, it will be developed with various commercial forms like public fitness and swimming center, sports physical therapy and fitness test, etc. After related games, the indoor and outdoor stadiums will be utilized as sites of stage performances.

A building for sports industry is located in the north of the stadium, and in its west, there is a 1,650-square-meter table tennis gym and a 3,200-square-meter badminton gym.

The first suspended-styling hotel of the National Stadium is about to unveil there, which is also the first case of the joint construction of hotel and stadium in China. In the future, this site will be developed into a public sports and leisure park, integrating fitness, performance, conference & exhibition, entertainment, shopping, etc.

To ensure the smoothness of the 11th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities, the Center’s main venue will be put into use in July, and additionally, four roads around it are also scheduled to open at the end of June, with the greening, lighting, and water systems completed in due course. The Citizen Center Section of Zhengzhou Metro Line 14 will be put into service before the end of August.

When the light show of the Olympic Center went on, citizens flooded there to enjoy.

Currently, the Olympic Center has risen to be a new landmark both online and offline for visitors to check in.

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