Guxing Grand Canal Culture Area is Expected to be Completed by the End of April

Aiming at building “an innovation zone for the development of industry convergence and a livable eco-friendly and enterprise-friendly tourism city”, Huiji District focuses on the industrial layout of “one core, one belt, three clusters” and starts the construction of the “four areas”. A large number of heart-winning projects, such as medical facilities, educational resources, transportation hardware and ecological upgrading, have been started and completed in succession, and an increasing number of people in Huiji District are enjoying the increasing “bonus” brought by the urban development.

The construction of the “four areas” is an important carrier of Huiji District to achieve the goal of building “an innovation zone for the development of industry convergence and a livable eco-friendly and enterprise-friendly tourism city”. There was an explicit proposal at the Seventh Plenary Session (Enlarged) of the 3rd Huiji District Committee convened recently that the whole district should make efforts to focus on the promotion and construction and to ensure the effective construction of the “four areas”, so as to make it take initial shape as soon as possible.

Guxing Grand Canal Culture Area should be completed by the end of April, and investment announcement should be released as soon as possible to attract investments globally. It will focus on well-known cultural tourism enterprise groups with a combination of financing, construction and operation management, define the main body of investment and construction, and prepare for expert seminars, so as to ensure the beginning of Xingze Ancient Town Phase I in this year. In doing this, we should fully explore cultural deposits of the canal, take full advantage of the support policy China made for protecting and developing the canal, and make a comprehensive research on the development direction and layout of the industrial canal belt, thus promoting the protection, inheritance, and utilization of the canal. In addition, infrastructure construction in the Guxing Grand Canal Culture Area should be accelerated, such as resettlement housing construction and road pipe network, and the timely work of village requisition and relocation should also be launched.

The commercial center area in North Zhengzhou should have its industrial planning and urban design programming completed by the end of March, to realize initial planning and design results as soon as possible. According to the industrial orientation, the area’s whole plan of investment promotion needed to be formed as quickly in time, to attract and settle down enterprises like Metro and Decathlon. The project progress of IKEA should be sped up to ensure its opening at the beginning of 2019. Centering around the provincial sports center, it needs to focus on improving the quality service in food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment and cultivating related business patterns in surrounding areas, to extend the consumption scope. It is important to plan the complex commercial construction of the reconstructed areas in Laoyachen Village and Wangzhai Village, so as to promote the formation of a comprehensive, complex and experiential characteristic trading area.

The construction of the typical commercial area needs to speed up and equip it with a modern service industrial cluster combining culture, tourism, commerce and office work. We should also promote the project construction of Biyuan Commercial Center, Luna Lake Wedding Hotel, Henan Planning and Design Institute Phase II, and Luna Lake Bar. Large-scale entertainment projects and performing theater projects like Weta Innovation World will be actively introduced to increase regional attractiveness and the gathering of the crowd. The Ruigu Innovation Center should step up efforts to attract investments and improve operation, so as to create a quality area with innovation and entrepreneurship.

The new district area needs to speed up the general plan, regulatory plan, and revision, and engage specialized companies to implement special industrial planning in its key regions, including Canal Town, Huayuankou Town, Canal Banks, landmark areas, Wetland Park, and the ecological habitable area. Centered around the region west of Tianhe Road and south of Lvyuan Road, the commercial complex will start its construction with a combination of high-end business landmark buildings and support hotels as soon as possible to create a core starting zone in Huiji New Area. It is a priority to conduct unified planning toward nine villages, and build a unique town industrial belt along the Yellow River, so as to ensure that Canal Town can launch real construction in this year, giving an initial image of Huiji New Area to benefit people here earlier.

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