Intelligent Service Available Through Mobile Phones! Zhengzhou to Build a Platform for One-stop Services

Online reservation for tickets of mass cultural performance, virtual tour guide service, cloud-based cultural experience...Recently, citizens fond of culture and tourism find that Zhengzhou's intelligent cultural tourism service platform is getting more convenient and covers more fields.

It is learned that under the framework of the Zhengzhou City Brain Program, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism has made joint efforts with Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Big Data Management and other departments to build the "Zhengzhou Cultural Tourism Cloud", a platform for one-stop services regarding digital cultural tourism and daily life. This platform provides all-round cultural tourism information services by integrating public culture and tourism service resources at the provincial, municipal, town and district levels in Zhengzhou, such as the cultural venues, cultural activities, scenic areas, cultural consumption, information about cultural expos, and the cultural industry. Cultural tourism services are available through mobile phones or service kiosks, including the online reservation for cultural venues, virtual tour in popular scenic areas, online viewing of cultural performance, online purchasing of cultural creative products, online participation in festival activities, online communication of cultural demands, and online inquiry of hot issues on cultural tourism.

According to personnel in charge of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, the "Zhengzhou Cultural Tourism Cloud" was put into trial operation on June 22, 2020, and as of October 14, it has attracted 290 public cultural entities, applied for 964 public cultural products, and produced 816 digital videos. Currently, this platform has 335,808 registered users, releases 209 theme events, and conducts 1,426 cultural activities of various kinds like the cultural lecture, child-parents activity, concert, Chinese opera, cultural performance, story-telling session, and press conference. A total of 9,656 orders from users have been booked, and 124 activity lives have been broadcast with more than 9 million views. The "Zhengzhou Cultural Tourism Consumption Promotion Series Activities at the National Golden Week", "2020 Zhengzhou Superb Chinese Opera Performance Activity · Weekend Theater", "Online Series Lectures for Protecting, Inheriting and Carrying Forward the Yellow River Culture", "Zhengzhou Library Summer Vacation Activity", "Zhengpin Bookshop Around", "Working as One to Fight Against the Epidemic: Online Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition", "Yellow River Youth Reading Video Collection Competition", and other theme activities are favored by citizens.

According to statistics, the number of registered users and orders, activity degree, and other indicators of this platform rank top among domestic platforms of the same kind, which shows that the construction effect of the Zhengzhou City Brain Intelligent Cultural Tourism Program is initially demonstrated. To help more citizens learn about the Zhengzhou City Brain Intelligent Cultural Tourism Program, the platform has recruited over 50 volunteers to conduct 106 offline promotion activities for the program, provide volunteer services for 102 times, and serve more than 50,000 citizens.

Based on relevant requirements, the platform has realized the data synchronization with "Wenhua Yuyue" (Cultural Reservation in Henan), a provincial platform. It has also achieved the data interconnection with "Zhenghaoban" (Zhengzhou Affairs Handling), an e-government service platform of Zhengzhou, and set up the "Cultural Tourism Service" Column. In this way, it is able to enjoy cultural tourism and life services throughout Zhengzhou. Citizens have easy access to the platform by downloading the "Zhenghaoban" APP or following the WeChat official account "Zhengzhou Cultural Tourism Cloud", and enjoy eight services including "ticket reservation", "activity appointment", "visit venues", "travel in scenic areas", "watch live broadcasts", "view videos", "select cultural creative products", and "play at festivals". The platform provides citizens an opportunity to play, go shopping, watch videos, and purchase commodities here.

In addition to the platform, the "Zhengzhou Tourism Through QR Code" Intelligent Tourism Service System has also become a multi-purpose application for tourists to travel in Zhengzhou. Based on an application or an applet, this system combines information with resources to provide whole-process service integrating catering, accommodation, transport, tourism, recreation, and shopping for tourists. The system serves 71 scenic areas in Zhengzhou, among which 53 scenic areas are available for the audio guide and 22 for panoramic AR display and real image navigation map. Once tourists scan the QR code through the application, they can immediately select a scenic area or scenic spot according to their current position, and then choose to appreciate beautiful videos and pictures, listen to the audio guide, or even begin a 720° VR tour of the selected scenic area or scenic spot.

It is reported that the Zhengzhou Tourism Annual Card is acceptable in 40 scenic areas in Zhengzhou. Tourists can buy a card on the "Zhenghaoban" APP and use this card to travel through the city.

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