Online Tour: Let's go on an online tour for blooming flowers on Fuxi Mountain

Let's visit Fuxi Mountain to appreciate the wild apricot flowers in full blossoms

And show you the beauty of spring

Spring breeze is like a distinguished guest, everything prospers whenever it comes.

It comes to rid mountains of snow cover, and leaves when flowers bloom in all places.

Spring Breeze, by Yuan Mei

If spring can speak

Spring breeze will gently

Caress your face to manifest its tenderness.

If spring can speak

Spring rain will continuously

Drop on and nourish each inch of land in a soft way

If spring can speak

Everything will thrive

So that birds, grass and mountain flowers

Can arouse the hope to live in this city

If spring can speak

It is telling us:

Come on

Spring has come

Let's wait

To add more colors to the beautiful spring

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