Lushi County Invites You to Feel Spring

Lushi is the perfect place to experience spring. Forsythia flowers will bloom in March and April, forming a golden sea of flowers. From a distance, these boundless flowers rise and fall with the hills, and in a close view, the fragrance of the blossoms is so refreshing. After the vernal equinox, the forsythia flower will enter its full-bloom stage and look even more beautiful.

Lushi County will hold the "Second Forsythia Season" activity from March 14 to 16 to further promote the effective connection between the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, continue to strengthen the Lushi Forsythia brand, focus on the traction and driving role of the whole industry chain, show Lushi's overall natural features and ecological humanism, boost industrial transformation with ecological advantages, promote the integration of agriculture and tourism, and continuously enhance the popularity and influence of Lushi. During the activity, 10 activities will be organized, including the opening ceremony of the Second Forsythia Season and the Second Forsythia Industry High-quality Development Summit.

Lushi County has launched various tourism routes for landscape tours based on walking, cycling and car travel, hot spring tours, and red culture experience tours. There are also many promotions!

Grand Canyon of Western Henan (AAAA)


Promotion: Free admission from February 16 to March 31.




Herb Garden in West Henan (AAAA)


Promotion: Free admission from February 16 to March 31.


Tanghe Nude Bath Hot Spring Resort

Promotion: During the activity, Tanghe Nude Bath Hot Spring Resort will launch two promotions on its official Douyin live broadcast at 10:30 am every day. First, it only costs RMB 128, the price of one person, for a family of four to enjoy the hot spring. Second, it only costs RMB 298 for a hot spring hotel room, including free hot spring and breakfast for two people.

Mawan Red Education Practice Base

Promotion: Tourists who dine in the catering department of Mawan Red Education Practice Base can enjoy a 12% discount (tourists who post one Douyin video of the Base quadrangle courtyard can enjoy a 15% discount, excluding drinks); All rooms will be 20% off the current price; Those who buy two tickets (original price: RMB 20/piece) for National Defense Development and Amusement Park will get one free; Agricultural Culture Center and Red Culture Exhibition Hall will be free of charge.


Shanshui Yinlu Yinju Homestay


Promotion: All rooms are 20% off the original price, with afternoon tea for two for a single room above RMB 500. Tourists who pay more than RMB 600 for a table meal can enjoy free KTV. Guests who stay during the forsythia season can also get free access to Qiqiao Farm, tea room and library.


Shanshui Yinlu Muxin Homestay


Promotion: Two or three families traveling together can enjoy a 20%-35% discount on top of the 50% discount on the room rate. Tourists whose ID number is 1416 in the 11th to 14th digits and whose ID number is 2022314 in the 7th to 14th digits can enjoy a 30%-35% discount on top of the 50% discount on the room rate. In addition, there are activities such as hot spring bathing, forsythia tea tasting, and forsythia flower appreciation.


Qiyun Shanju Hostel


Promotion: 50% off for all rooms.


Qiancengfang Homestay


Promotion: 20% off for the whole house and 30% off for more than two houses.


Sanmenxia Moxia Agroforestry Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.


Promotion: 20% off for all gift boxes of forsythia black tea; and every player participating in the traditional opera challenge will be given a pack of forsythia black tea.


Welcome all friends to come to Lushi to feel spring in such a bright and warm March. Warm Tips: During the epidemic prevention and control period, please wear a face mask when going out, show your health code and take your body temperature.



Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration