Pandemic prevention | Mind the following points with proper personal protection!

Given the complex and severe situation of pandemic prevention, the public needs to be more vigilant and more aware of self-protection, carry out proper personal protection in a scientific manner, and especially pay attention to the pandemic prevention in public places with a large flow and complex sources of people, and a high possibility of close contacts

How should the key population in key places do proper personal protection?

Make sure the hands are washed, ventilation made and health monitored regularly at home

The individual dining system is advocated in households with serving chopsticks and spoons used;

Masks and disinfectant wipes or waterless sanitizer should be carried about.

Anti-pandemic items such as thermometers, disposable medical masks, and hand sanitizers should be kept at home, the health of individuals and family members monitored, and medical advice sought in case of symptoms such as fever and cough.

Wearing the mask properly is the key when taking public transportation

The cab should be ventilated as conditions permit during the ride;

The handlebars and cushion should be preferably wiped with wet tissues for disinfection before using shared bike services.

Priority is given to mobile payment method when using public transportation, and one should obey order and consciously accept such measures as temperature check. One should avoid touching public items as far as possible, and eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands, and should cover the mouth and nose with a tissue, handkerchief or elbow when coughing or sneezing.

Offices should be properly ventilated. Natural ventilation by opening windows is recommended. A relatively spacious place should be selected for meetings and training, and the gathering of people reduced. One should wear a mask in elevators, conference rooms and other places where there are a lot of people or poor air flow. The work process should be optimized during production, people-to-people distance kept over 1 meter, and the gathering of people avoided to the greatest extent.

One should consciously accept temperature check before entering the workplace;

One should report on destinations before going out on leave;

One should illustrate the cause of illness and medical treatment instead of concealing or misreporting the case when being absent from work due to illness.

Employees with fever or respiratory symptoms, especially those who have recently had close contact with people with respiratory infections, should seek medical advice immediately and not go to work with illness.

Shopping should be done quickly during the special period

One can make a shopping list before going to public places such as supermarkets and markets, and try to use the e-payment method, and should not stay long. Citizens should consciously accept measures such as temperature check and health code check, and try to do it not during the peak hour. One should wear a mask in crowded places or places with poor air flow, and try to keep at least 1 meter from others.

One should properly handle the food, and carefully clean it and prevent splashing before handling. Food should be cooked thoroughly and stored after properly handled to ensure that raw and cooked food are separated. One should clean and sanitize the cookware on the table after cooking and handling. One should avoid touching the mouth, eyes and nose with unclean hands when handling food.

One should go to the nearest hospital immediately for the fever clinic whenever there is a fever or the need to go to a medical institution

The Internet or telephone should be preferably used for an appointment and to find out about the procedure in advance before going to doctor, so as to shorten the time spent in the medical institution. One should consciously accept measures such as temperature check and health code check, and wear a mask in the whole process.

One should maintain a 1-meter distance from others when waiting to see the doctor and queuing up;

One should take stairs as much as possible, and not take a crowded box elevator;

One should clean and disinfect the hands after touching the surface of public items such as hospital door handles, registration machines and ATMs, or can use paper tissues directly to avoid the pollution.

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