Chinese Painting Lectures Start at Zhengzhou Cultural Center

Chinese landscape painting, as an important part of Chinese culture, has its own independent aesthetic painting system. In order to strengthen people's contact and understanding of fine traditional culture and enrich people's spare-time cultural life, Su Wei, president of Zhengzhou Calligraphy and Painting Art Research Institute, was invited to serve as the lecturer for Chinese painting enthusiasts in "Zhengzhou's Charm · Public Welfare Lectures" on the afternoon of April 2.

In class, Mr. Su introduced the origin, development and aesthetic characteristics of Chinese painting art in a simple way. During the interactive communication, Mr. Su began to show how to hold a brush pen and use ink, pigments and lines, and explained the techniques and skills to the students while drawing. Everyone tried the brush pen to feel the beauty of traditional Chinese painting.

Mr. Su said that the learning of traditional Chinese painting is a process from copying to sketching to creation. In this semester, he will guide the students to complete the three learning stages gradually, and carry out the aesthetic education through the whole teaching process, which is conducive to improving the students' brush pen and ink skills, artistic accomplishment and aesthetic capability.


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